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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A little blurp about the day

Well, the weekend contest is finished and I would like to congratulate Daniel_W as the winner of the 5 Amazon dollars on the CWH. Anyway, for you who competed I put together a little surprise of my own for you, an section of a chapter from my book "Into the Mystic Lands". Alrighty, here we go....

Korr woke to the smell of fried huygr which wafted across the room in a tempting manor for anyone who would dare as draw close to the old hut. As he lifted himself from his spot on the ground he saw Tremoth squatting beside a small fire with a clay pan in hand. If he had remembered right his brother had nothing with him last night but wizards were mysterious so he decided to leave the question unanswered.
“I see you are awake! At last.” Tremoth sang with a joyous voice.
“Yes, but I was expecting my dragon to wake me. I must admit that this is a better wakeup call than getting your hair pulled by a guardian!”
Tremoth laughed and turned his attention back to his cooking.
“I was wondering last night, do you have a nickname of sorts?” Korr asked.
“I do, but I don’t know if it is any better. Trwy, it was given to me by your brother Windsburrow. After he gave me that name I proclaimed to call him Wyrer, but it never stuck.”
“Why exactly do you have names like your own?”
“A good question, it was one I asked when I was of your own age. It is because it represents the element that we master. Only we know the true meaning behind it and thus allowing only us to use it.”
“A masterful design” Korr said in awe.  
 “Yes, it is and only one is of better mind to know how to do it!”
As Korr and his brother ate the delicious plant that had been provided they were suddenly at peace about their situation. Korr didn’t know if it had something to do with the food or if it was the fact that he had a trustful brother by his side.
“So, what is our next move?” Korr said as he shovelled in the tangy but sweet vegetable.
“I would say that we head south for the next few days then, instead of going through the desert we can go around it. We have time on our hands do we not?”
“I just about forgot!” Korr suddenly remembered Mable “I have a friend back in Earth who is in terrible trouble. I came here to gather some potions that Windsburrow said would help cure her. I am afraid that if we go around the desert we will miss our chance to save her life!”
“I am aware of that, but she has already been rescued.”
“How do you know?”                                          
“My guardian told me. Since all of our brothers have dragons and those dragons can always see through each other’s eyes I am able to know what goes on.”
“Then how come you never knew about Feldrem?”
“Feldrem had the chance to become a Wizard, but he never took that chance. He was afraid of his fear and did not want to face it. Because he was such a stupendous coward he left the family and soon after began to practice Witchcraft! When he returned to us he showed us his powers and said he faced his fears but we knew he did not.”
“Because he was over the age of the chance.”
“Oh. But what does that have to do with the dragon?”
“His dragon died so; to fool us he conjured his own. Because it was not related to ours we could not see through its eyes. Smart, but deceitful our brother was.”
“Do you remember anything else about him, when he was my age?”
“Yes. He was a gentleman, kind and courteous and never would hurt a soul but for the trolls that were ever present in the Glorian region. Whenever he would see one of those beasts he would take fathers sword and slay it where it stood. Soon he became known for tanning their skins and selling them for the sails of ships! He was quite a brother, but because of his fear of drowning he never could become a true wizard.”
“Why did he fear drowning?” Korr questioned as he finished the last of his food.
“Because he was born with that fear. You see, each wizard must conquer a fear.  For you it was the flames, and because he was your opposite it was water he feared. For me it was suffocation of little air and Windsburrow it was suffocating underground.”
“This is starting to make more and more sense. Korr stated bluntly.
“And it does. When I was your age I was learning the same things from our father. He taught me everything that there was to be known as he was a wizard himself.”
“How exactly does our family tree run?”
“When the Father came here oh so long ago he blessed a man, that man was your great, great, great...well you get the idea, he was the father of our lineage and he alone was found worthy of bearing the gift of the Heavenly host. Upon him was placed this gift of bearing children who would master the elements. He himself was given control over all four elements. When he married and bore children those were our ancestors, but eventually only one man remained that could possible unite the last wizards.
“But why are we the last?”
“There was an ancient prophecy that stated when the last of our kind were under one house, it would show that the times were coming. The time when the final war would be produced, when the stones would be revealed and it would be our job to look for them.”

There you are, a fine quarter chapter from ITML. Hope you all enjoyed, and once again, congratulations to you Daniel_W!!!


Weekend Giveaway Part 2

Alrighty, everyone, since there are now five people taking part of the contest I suppose we can begin the giveaway!

Ok, so the first hint to where the password (XX10) will be contained is...

1. A post that has the most comments...
2. Under the end.....
3. I think my alias is a "downer"....
4. I feel invisible...

(This hint could suggest that the password is attached to a link attached in this specific post, a comment within the commenting section, or even within the script itself, so look carefully!!)

As soon as someone finds the password then can submit it into the commenting section and I will award the prize to them, however this only goes for the first person who submits the password. Any questions?

 Have fun!!!