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Into the Mystic Lands (stands at): 46,321 words, 184.16 pages!!!

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Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Hobbit!!!

Well, just lately I was in a bit of an LOTR mode and decided to search up more about the movies in hopes to find some interesting information. Anyway, as I was looking around I got a tingle of excitement as I found out that the Hobbit is going to be put into production and a movie (not a cartoon version) will be made!!! As a matter of fact, from a few of the sites I have visited it is estimated that the first movie will come out near December this year, and it's sequel will be in theaters around the same time next year. As for the actors, Richard Armitage will be playing Thorin, Mikael Persbrandt will be playing the Shape Shifter Beorn, Orlando Bloom will be playing Legolas, Ryan Gage will be playing Drogo Baggans (Frodo's father), and  Ian McKellen and Andy Serkis will continue to play their roles as Gandalf and Gollum, and as of January 7, 2011 Eligah Woods stated he would continue to play the role of Frodo. Of course, I couldn't leave out the main character for the movie as Martin Freeman will be playing Bilbo Baggins!!!! Ok, with that out I guess you guys (and gals) should take a look at the unofficial trailer which I found on YouTube   

Sooooo intense!!! I just can't wait to get to the real movie. Well, I hope you guys (and gals) enjoyed it and if you want to make any comments (if there are any mistakes with the actors)  then please do. Thanks again for coming by to the CWH and I hope you found this post interesting!

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Back in the writers flow

Hey yall, I just wanted to inform you that I have advanced my book a thousand words and now I am only 8,499 words left to write until the first book in ITML is completed!! You may not be exactly excited, but for me this is a big accomplishment as it will be the most words written on one word document EVER, but that is not all. I also remember the promise that I made stating that as soon as I finish up writing this book there will be a giveaway. I still have it in mind to do so and for those of you who are looking forward for the amazon money you will soon be able to apply and thus you will be one step closer to the finale! Anyway, I also wanted to inform you guys that the prize will not only be for Canadians and Americans, but also for those in the UK. There will be two separate draws and anyone within the Canadian/American border will receive ten amazon dollars (so they can hopefully divulge in books :P) and those in the UK will receive 5.

With that said I guess I can move on to some of the more random stuff that has been happening in my life lately these days. You may know that we (our family) live on a ranch in the middle of somewhere in Canada and have a few head of cattle and horses. Anyway, as we (my mom and I) were preparing to feed them she decided to take off and leave me running all the way down to a hay shed (a place where we store our animals feed) in the dark with uneven terrain around me. Though I know the place well I guess I wasn't paying attention and soon was head over heals and flopping on my back below a ridge that suddenly dropped off. Though I hate to admit it, I had run off the edge of a steep cliff like area and had done a front flip (no kidding) then landed on my back. Now as I sit here at my computer I am filled with aches and pains from the tumble but am already considering to redo the flip and get Squeaks to film it XD. Although this isn't really bad, what makes it even worse was that when I jumped off the flat bed truck (where we carry the hay bales), my foot caught on the edge and I once again went head over heals (another type of of a painful front flip) and once again landed on my back. It not only pains my pride (and my back) to tell you of this, but I found it too funny to bypass so I just had to blurt it out...It's a good thing I wrote in my book before this happened, my thoughts might have been a bit jumbled XD :P :).

Anyway, I guess that sorta sums up what I have to say and with that said I guess I should get going. Ttyl!

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I'm Back!!

Hey everyone! Well, after a long break from the blogging world I finally decided to get back into the gist of things and start to get caught up with everyone here...again :). Well, as you know it is spring break and, although I really don't have a break, I will get back to my book and start writing again. Fortunately my writers block is long gone and although my head is still filled with Science *glares at textbook in front of him* I still think I will be able to finish ITML and start the second book in the series. After some though I finally came up with a name and decided it would be called "The Eastern Sea Revolt". I have also come up with other names for the other two books, but I am not going to tell you them just yet, I want it to be a bit of a surprise for you all. Anyway, that is all I have to say right now, however I hope to be back later with news that my book is progressing, and if I don't then you will know that my school got the better of me XD. By the way, if you all could  do me a big favor and put down your blog addresses (so I can remember which blogs are still up) that would be great! Thanks again and enjoy your spring vacation (if you have one)!

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