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Into the Mystic Lands (stands at): 46,321 words, 184.16 pages!!!

Into the Mystic Lands: The Eastern Sea Revolt (stands at) --6,851 words, 27.4 pages!!!

The Adventures of Walrus Island: Editing, 70,211 words, 146 pages.

'ITML' and my writing history

As you all probably know by now I am a writer who is crazy about writing fantasy and fiction. You may be wondering what exactly inspired me to begin writing as I have posted so much of it but not of it's history and the background. It all started last year when I saw my sibling writing a book of hers and wanted to do the same, but was unsure how to. My sibling gave me instruction on how to write and how to make characters, places and other anonymous things that a story needs. So, right away I began writing a story which I name 'Into the Mystic Lands'.

At first I had no clue what I would write about, but soon I began poring out ideas onto my trusty computer and letting them create a story in the mythical land of Eramthena. It was a big deal that I was writing at first, but soon I dropped the book and left writing altogether. I don't think that it was because I was discouraged at the fact that I could only write a few hundred words a day, but rather being board with the plot and story altogether. Fortunately my sibling gave me a helpful piece of information NEVER GIVE UP ON A BOOK! I thought that my sibling was a complete nut and didn't know a thing but soon after I realized that they were right.

It took me a bit of time, but bit by bit I was able to build my word count and soon enough I was caught up in my story to such an extent that I could hardly leave my computer in fear that it would mysteriously crash and the hard drives that I back it up on would get ruined in a flood! :p I must admit that I took it a bit far, but that is how much I was into my book. Again, after a bit of time I lost interest in it and put it down for a few months at a time. Enthusiasm had lost it's hold on me. I tried writing a bit and did well for maybe a thousand words, but then I would feel deflated like a balloon that is empty. I would try to write so hard but it was like there was a wall between me an my destination.

This terrible experience ended about a week ago as I found out that there was a world wide writing gathering for everyone. At first I didn't pay any attention to it, but soon (after persuasion from my sibling) I joined and became enthralled at the effect it had on my writing. It is not the fact that this is a magic group that will suddenly make ideas flood your mind but the idea that there are others out there who are going through the same problems in writing their books that I am. So, two days after I joined (November 12 (today)) I sped through writing and am finally at the 20k point in my book. I don't think that this will encourage more experienced readers, but I am sure that if you are new to writing it can be an encouraging thing for you to read.

I want to celebrate my success in living through my writing experience so I have decided to give you as my loyal followers another small clip from my story 'Into the Mystic Lands'.

The two Dragons were locked in a death grip. Each time one of them gained advantage the caused their oponent to grunts emit cries of pain. The larger dragon, the red one, had the upper hand on his adversary the white dragon.

“You cannot win this war Draial! It has been forbidden” The smaller dragon shouted from his position under Draial’s clawed foot.

“And what do you know of true war you scum? You know nothing of the true prophecy of what will happen to Galren. It will be destroyed along with all of the followers of the Father. He is weak and knows nothing of true power!”

“That is a lie you fiend! You saw what he did to your master the Great Evil, he banished him! Why? Not because the Father was a weakling but because he has more power than the deceiver!” The dragons again were fighting, but it was clear who would be victorious and with a series of manoeuvres too fast for the white dragon he subdued him once again under his razor sharp claws.

“Brwenyuel, you know you have lost but yet you still fight! You are stubborn.” Digging his claws into the lightly protected belly of the smaller dragon he caused a spurt of blood to shoot up. “Give up now and renounce Him or you will not live to see the rise of the sun.”

“Never, the Father will save me from the grasps of evil!” With renewed vigour, Brwenyuel reached his front claw to his enemies face and tore a gash into his adversary’s scale causing a deafening roar and a trickle of blood.  Draial was unable reach Brwenyuel because of the protective shield encasing the motionless body whom he now perched on.  

There you have it, a section from one of my newer chapters. I hope you enjoyed reading it and, if you are a newer writer, I hope it encourages you to keep writing and not give up with what you have!

~Son of the King~