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Into the Mystic Lands (stands at): 46,321 words, 184.16 pages!!!

Into the Mystic Lands: The Eastern Sea Revolt (stands at) --6,851 words, 27.4 pages!!!

The Adventures of Walrus Island: Editing, 70,211 words, 146 pages.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

The first glitch...

Well, it's the fifth day of NaNoWriMo and I am finally coming to some trouble with my book. I can't directly say that the writers block is setting in as I am still able to write, but rather the ideas are starting to thin out. Anyway last night I came up with an awesome solution for my problem. For the first time in my entire writing history I have finally made a writing outline...ok, now that the terrible secret is out I suppose it will be easier to continue. So anyway I decided that because I couldn't get any more thoughts out of my thick skull I would get a piece of paper, a pen and some music and just sit down for a while and considers what I should do. Well, after sitting for about two minuets the thoughts started flowing in like crazy and I had a hard time putting them all down on paper but the best thing is, I not only have ideas about what this book will contain, but my third book is already planned and ready to go as soon as I get the time to start writing. Well that really encouraged me and I must admit that a little bit of brain storming can really get you a long ways and present some great work for your book.

Want the Image? 

So, now that I have passed one problem I suppose it will be smooth sailing the rest of the way, or so I hope. Now all that is left is to get the pen to the page (in a sort of technological way) and get to the word count for today.

Happy Writing

Friday, November 4, 2011

5 things you will never hear a writer say

O.o *looks above to title* really? Well I surprised myself by writing about this, but whatever, I need to write a post so why not a random topic? Anyway, here are five statements that you will never hear a true writer say....

1. I absolutely hate books! Get them out of my life and give me an honest to goodness TV show!

2. Keyboards are meant for Facebook, Twitter, MSN, Skype and school assignments. Nothing more then that. 

3. Who would want to waste their time writing thousands of words when it is just going to be shoved into the back corner of your memory card never to be looked at again?

4. Writing is for people who are antisocial.

5. Books? The only thing I know that they are good for is starting a fire.

Ah, ok, so if you directly refute all of the above then you are a writer, if you said no to four of the above you are semi-writer, if you crossed out three of the above then you don't really have an opinion, but if you only detected two faulty statements you are a semi-hater, and if you said yes to them all then...WHAT ARE YOU DOING ON THIS BLOG?????? XD Ok, enough of that. :P
Anyway it's the fourth day for NaNoWriMo and I wish you all the best on getting to the six-thousand word count. :)

Happy Writing

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Day 3...finished

Well, it's the end of day three for NaNoWriMo and I must admit that I am loving every second of my book. I started it up yesterday and just hit 5k today, as you can see through the multiple status bars across my blog :). Anyway, usually by this time I would be having a brain fart, but no, it is actually working, I have a thousand thoughts and they are all going down nicely onto paper at last. The master plan is being reveled, or so I believe in my opinion, and the characters are building up a lot of important questions which were never answered by the first book and most importantly I have had a chance to incorporate my assassin into the outline.

I am totally thrilled that everything is going smoothly and I hope that it won't end too soon because, as I said above I am absolutely loving every second of the "finger on keyboard" moments. If only I could type faster...XD. Anyway here is a poem that I am thinking of adding into my book in the near future so sit back, relax, and enjoy...*shouts into background* "can someone pass me the popcorn?" ...well it isn't that long, but whatever.

Stars are dim in evenings bright
While blood will spill in shadows light
The grieving hearts will tear and break
And walls will crumble for their sake.

When trumpet blows near noonday's tide
Avast the tears and calloused pride
The one shall come, be raised a'high
And peace the worlds banner fly.

Anyway, it's not much but I intend to put it to good use, so dong be surprised if you see it being thrown into one one of the excerpts from ITML: The Easter Sea Revolt. Alright g'day to yall and remember...HAPPY WRITING!!!!

Into the Mystic Lands: The Eastern Sea Revolt

Yowsers yall'! Well, it's that time again, it's time for NANOWRIMO!!!!! Tha'ts right. I am a bit late getting this post up but I am sure you are all aware that it started at the beginning of November so no problem there. Anyway, I started up the second book in the series of ITML and it is called The Easter Sea Revolt where there are a few new characters, some old ones, and plenty of action. Anyway, I started it up yesterday and am currently at 2019 words and just finished by second chapter. So, all's going well and I hope it is the same for yourself. If you want to check out more of my book you can find me on NaNoWriMo under Son of the King. Have a great day and happy writing!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Fantastic writing music

Although everyone has preferences as to what music the like when the write I must admit that this is some of my favorite and always stimulates a flow of juicy thoughts.
                                                Damn Regret-->Red Jumpsuit Apparatus


                                                                    Let it Burn-Red

And there ya go, some of my ultimate faves, hope they help you as much as they have myself for writing!!!

The progression of ITML

Well, I am starting back into my book again and decided, for lack of a better option, to show you guys a section of my work concerning the ITML. I have about 3k words left and intend to finish it soon so I can start on the next book in the series. Anyway, enough with the small talk, lets get down to business. :)

Chapter 23:

Korr lay on his bed with his face looking to the ceiling and with little to do he stared at the pattern of boards which made up the slanted roof above him. He had been sitting there for over a day with little to do but amuse himself with his imaginations and what little he could do in his cell. He had already counted the different ways that he could possibly escape, either through death or extreme planning, but no plausible solutions had shown themselves to him, yet.
Twice he had leaned out the window and considered how painful it could possibly be to jump and end his fate, but every time he was about to push himself out he remembered his mission, or whatever was left of it to consider. Mable would be dead by this time and his trip to the eastern boarders had been pointless and even the potions that he had collected would no longer be of any use.
As he dwelled in deep thought he suddenly was struck with an idea, the potions! He quickly sat up, but quickly regretted it as a wave of blood rushed from his head to his body leaving him temporarily semi-unconscious.
“Of course” He scolded himself “if he could find his potions he would be able to use them to dissolve anything, well at least what he needed to get through and escape, but he quickly lost hope when he remembered that he was still imprisoned in the room.
“Dam” He swore to himself when he remembered this, but then a second revelation dawned upon him and relight the hope within. The castle, as he last remembered, had several windows below the room that he was currently in, and if he made a timely jump then he might just be able to either catch a ledge, or if he made a rope from the items within the room then he could rappel down. 
“That would be a dead giveaway to let them know I escaped” He thought but an alternate plan came to him once again. If he could jump, grab a ledge and enter the castle right after the guard checked on him then he might just be able to plant a dead, mutilated body below his window and leave the guards and King to believe he had jumped and killed himself. That would certainly skewer the evil kings plans and not only could be able to spy and gain the plans, but he could also arm himself and gain the help of the guards who were loyal of the good side of the king.
“Now all I have to do is wait for the guard to come, then I make the jump, but I suppose I should give them some bait to make them think that it is reasonable for me to kill myself” At that moment he heard the scrape of a key in the lock and that was when he put his plan to action he leapt up to the window and leaned his torso out to make it look like he was about to jump out.
As the door opened he heard the gruff voice of his captor address him.
“What are you doing up there?”
“I’m about to jump, can’t you see?”
“Get down from there you fool!”He yelled as he grabbed Korr’s leg and yanked him down to a not so nice stop.
“Why’d you do that?” Korr tried to sound upset as he rubbed is bruised ribs that had been injured from the fall.
“Why’d I do that?”He sounded angry now “I did it because if you die, I die! Now eat your food because the king is going to see you within the hour and he expects to see that you have been well treated.”
With that the heavy guard left the room and slammed the door behind him then set the deadbolt in the old system of a lock.
“Ok, I can do this, and if I time it right I can eliminate the guard too” He said as he once again clambered to the window sill, but this time he sat on the edge facing the outside, now was the time.
“Father, give me the faith to do this, it has to be done so protect me” and with a large gulp of air he jumped.

And there you go, a little peek into chapter 23. Sorry for the cliff hanger, but I really couldn't end it anywhere else without giving away too much information. Hope you enjoyed, and if you have any questions just comment and I will get back as soon as possible.  

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Hey yall! I thought I might make a quick post to say hi and remind you all that the NaNoWriMo is going to be starting up again in 13 days!!! If you don't have the link to it you can find it here. Anyway I have to get back to my daily doings and hopefully get on top of my book *eyes word count to the left* and finish it so I can start my second one. I have had a change of plans and hope to get around 60-65k so I can squeeze in a few more juicy tales before making a nice ending. I hope you all are doing well and once again I apologize for being gone for such a long time. Happy Writing!!!!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A little blurp about the day

Well, the weekend contest is finished and I would like to congratulate Daniel_W as the winner of the 5 Amazon dollars on the CWH. Anyway, for you who competed I put together a little surprise of my own for you, an section of a chapter from my book "Into the Mystic Lands". Alrighty, here we go....

Korr woke to the smell of fried huygr which wafted across the room in a tempting manor for anyone who would dare as draw close to the old hut. As he lifted himself from his spot on the ground he saw Tremoth squatting beside a small fire with a clay pan in hand. If he had remembered right his brother had nothing with him last night but wizards were mysterious so he decided to leave the question unanswered.
“I see you are awake! At last.” Tremoth sang with a joyous voice.
“Yes, but I was expecting my dragon to wake me. I must admit that this is a better wakeup call than getting your hair pulled by a guardian!”
Tremoth laughed and turned his attention back to his cooking.
“I was wondering last night, do you have a nickname of sorts?” Korr asked.
“I do, but I don’t know if it is any better. Trwy, it was given to me by your brother Windsburrow. After he gave me that name I proclaimed to call him Wyrer, but it never stuck.”
“Why exactly do you have names like your own?”
“A good question, it was one I asked when I was of your own age. It is because it represents the element that we master. Only we know the true meaning behind it and thus allowing only us to use it.”
“A masterful design” Korr said in awe.  
 “Yes, it is and only one is of better mind to know how to do it!”
As Korr and his brother ate the delicious plant that had been provided they were suddenly at peace about their situation. Korr didn’t know if it had something to do with the food or if it was the fact that he had a trustful brother by his side.
“So, what is our next move?” Korr said as he shovelled in the tangy but sweet vegetable.
“I would say that we head south for the next few days then, instead of going through the desert we can go around it. We have time on our hands do we not?”
“I just about forgot!” Korr suddenly remembered Mable “I have a friend back in Earth who is in terrible trouble. I came here to gather some potions that Windsburrow said would help cure her. I am afraid that if we go around the desert we will miss our chance to save her life!”
“I am aware of that, but she has already been rescued.”
“How do you know?”                                          
“My guardian told me. Since all of our brothers have dragons and those dragons can always see through each other’s eyes I am able to know what goes on.”
“Then how come you never knew about Feldrem?”
“Feldrem had the chance to become a Wizard, but he never took that chance. He was afraid of his fear and did not want to face it. Because he was such a stupendous coward he left the family and soon after began to practice Witchcraft! When he returned to us he showed us his powers and said he faced his fears but we knew he did not.”
“Because he was over the age of the chance.”
“Oh. But what does that have to do with the dragon?”
“His dragon died so; to fool us he conjured his own. Because it was not related to ours we could not see through its eyes. Smart, but deceitful our brother was.”
“Do you remember anything else about him, when he was my age?”
“Yes. He was a gentleman, kind and courteous and never would hurt a soul but for the trolls that were ever present in the Glorian region. Whenever he would see one of those beasts he would take fathers sword and slay it where it stood. Soon he became known for tanning their skins and selling them for the sails of ships! He was quite a brother, but because of his fear of drowning he never could become a true wizard.”
“Why did he fear drowning?” Korr questioned as he finished the last of his food.
“Because he was born with that fear. You see, each wizard must conquer a fear.  For you it was the flames, and because he was your opposite it was water he feared. For me it was suffocation of little air and Windsburrow it was suffocating underground.”
“This is starting to make more and more sense. Korr stated bluntly.
“And it does. When I was your age I was learning the same things from our father. He taught me everything that there was to be known as he was a wizard himself.”
“How exactly does our family tree run?”
“When the Father came here oh so long ago he blessed a man, that man was your great, great, great...well you get the idea, he was the father of our lineage and he alone was found worthy of bearing the gift of the Heavenly host. Upon him was placed this gift of bearing children who would master the elements. He himself was given control over all four elements. When he married and bore children those were our ancestors, but eventually only one man remained that could possible unite the last wizards.
“But why are we the last?”
“There was an ancient prophecy that stated when the last of our kind were under one house, it would show that the times were coming. The time when the final war would be produced, when the stones would be revealed and it would be our job to look for them.”

There you are, a fine quarter chapter from ITML. Hope you all enjoyed, and once again, congratulations to you Daniel_W!!!


Weekend Giveaway Part 2

Alrighty, everyone, since there are now five people taking part of the contest I suppose we can begin the giveaway!

Ok, so the first hint to where the password (XX10) will be contained is...

1. A post that has the most comments...
2. Under the end.....
3. I think my alias is a "downer"....
4. I feel invisible...

(This hint could suggest that the password is attached to a link attached in this specific post, a comment within the commenting section, or even within the script itself, so look carefully!!)

As soon as someone finds the password then can submit it into the commenting section and I will award the prize to them, however this only goes for the first person who submits the password. Any questions?

 Have fun!!!


Saturday, July 30, 2011

Weekend Giveaway!!!

Hey everyone, I just wanted to let you know that as soon as this post has been posted then a giveaway for five amazon dollars will start, but to make sure the competition is fare I need to know that at least five people are going to take part.The instructions? Look below to find out.

1. You must inform me that you are taking part of this contest, do so now by writing a comment (remember, we need at least five people to do so before I start the giveaway!!).

2. Look to the hints for help (Hints will be posted in a comment to this post as soon as five people join)

3. When you think you found the 'land mark' leave a comment as to where it is, and answer these following questions:
  a: Name of the blog post
  b: Date the post was written
  c: Where in the post it is to be found
  d: What the password is

Alright, I hope you enjoy and remember the quicker you join, the sooner you have a chance at winning!!


The perfect assasin

Alrighty everyone, so I was doing a bit of thinking today and I looked back into some of my outlines for my second book (The Eastern Sea Revolts) and I realized that I was supposed to have an assassin planned and made ready so that when I started this book his entire character would be prepared and perfected. Now, with my time to create and perfect him is reduced I decided to write this post to sorta touch up on the character and give you an image of one of the brightest, cunning, and blood thirsty men that you will see in the ITML series. First of all I will give you a bit of his history, a personal idea of him, and finally a bit of an interview.

The assassin, Ceriou (pronounced Se-rou) grew up in the city of Talian, which is on the eastern side of the forbidden forest. As a child he was brought up in a high class family who wanted their son to become a gold smith, however he rebelled and for doing so he was disowned and forced to take on a life of his own. Not knowing what he should do he took to traveling while only at the age of a teen. In his travels he taught himself to fight but he found more interest peculiarly in assassinations and on one of his trips he found a disguised assassin who mentored the youth in the art. Soon the two men made a fantastic team but disputes arose and Ceriou killed his mentor and took the profession seriously. He offered his services to many wicked men, and by doing so he built up a fortune to last him a lifetime, but his trill of assassinating people kept him from enjoying his money until his death later in life.

Character Sketch:

Name: Ceriou of Talian
Age (currently in the book): 28
Height: 5'10
Weight: 154lb's
Hair color: Dark Brown
Eye color: Green
Weapon of choice: Dagger/Short Sword
Popularity (1-10): 8


SOTK: Hello everyone, lets give our guest Ceriou a warm welcome to the CWH.
C: Ehh, what's all of this about?
SOTK: Well Ceriou I thought I might introduce you to the crowd.
C: Thank you, but you know that I would rather not be here right  now, I am on an assignment.
SOTK: Really, tell us about it.
C: I would rather not.
SOTK: Aww, come on.
C: But if you let the secret slip...
SOTK: *Zips lips*
C: What about them? *Motions to crowd*
Audience: *Zips lips*
C: Ok, so this really important guy wants me to hunt down, and bring this guy back to him either dead or alive.
SOTK: Who is this guy?
C: As if you didn't know *Scoffs*
SOTK: Well why don't you tell the audience, they don't know."
C: Well, ok. So this really important guy wants me to hunt down Korr.
Audience: *GASP*
C: Yes, you heard me right. He wants me to get Korr either alive or freshly dead so he can use him for some scientific experiment.
SOTK: Do you know why he wants him?
C: Duh, of course. I never go on an assignment without getting all of the details.
SOTK: Well then, why don't you tell us about what is to be done.
C: Alright. He wants Korr because he believes he can duplicate his power, uh that is the power of water.
SOTK: Wow, this guy must be very desperate if he thinks he can steal the power of a wizard.
C: He is desperate. He already possesses one power from Feldrem and all he has to do is get the other three and he can pretty much own the world of Eramthena.
SOTK: Wow, so he is dangerous.
C: Darn right he is. But the worst thing for you *points to the audience* is that you don't know who he is. *laughs like a maniac*.
SOTK: Well I do!
C: *Grumbles and speaks under his breath* In a dark ally one of these days you won't suspect me.
SOTK: I heard that, and so did they*points to crowd*.
C: What ever.
SOTK: Hrmph.
C: Anything else you want to know. I have to be going soon.
SOTK: How bout we ask the audience *looks towards fellow bloggers* If you want to ask a question Ceriou will be waiting to answer. Just leave a comment and he should get back.
C: Yeah, like there are any computers, much less internet in Eramthena."
SOTK: I will provide a way.
C: Alright. *addresses crowd* Well, I will be hearing from you soon, but please, don't ask me about what is to happen when Korr is caught, because I don't know...well I do, but I can't reveal it. *stands up from chair, swirls cloak and disappears*
SOTK: Alright, thank you everyone for bearing with me through this interview, and remember if you want to ask a question from my, uh, correction, the assasin, then go ahead and leave a comment on this post. Thanks again!

Alright, that wasn't too bad, was it? Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this little *scrolls up* correction medium sized post and be sure to leave a comment, because everyone loves those. I will also be making an effort to visit some of your blogs today so with that said cheerio!


45k Words!

Hey yall, well this is just an update to inform you that ITML has only 4,429 words left to be written in it, then I will decide if I push for the 70k mark or not. I am totally stoked to finish it and get the second one started because I have a fantastic story line for it, in fact later on today I am going to give you a preview of the intro to the second book!!! Anyway, I should be getting back later today with a few more posts so hang in there.


Friday, July 29, 2011

Nearing the end!

Hey everyone! Sorry for not getting on here sooner, but I have been extremely busy over the summer with relatives and what not, but now that I am free and back online things will go ahead at full steam! I just finished writing about 3k in my book right now so, if you look on the side bar, you will notice that I am currently at 43,505 words. Only a bit more to go till I am finished which is going to be a great day. That also means that the giveaway is that much closer so just stay patient and hang in here with me.

Anyway, aside from the book I have also been busy with my music...yes music is something that I happen to occupy myself with and it just so happens to be a great pastime. :P. I have been sorta listening to Manifests new album "The Chase" and have fallen in love with a few of their songs. I put them below for you guys/gals to listen to and enjoy.

No Plan B:

Every Time You Run:

The Chase:

Alright, there ya go. Oh, by the way I don't really know who is still following my blog anymore, so if you could leave a comment, or answer the poll to inform me that would be great. Thanks again!


Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Race for the Finish

Well, I am almost finished all of my school for this year, and you know what that means...many, many, many blog post will be going up, however, until my provincial exams are done at the end of next week, I wont be spending any time online :(. I have a Socials proctored exam, a Science proctored and final, and a Math proctored and final so as you can tell I will be really busy, however I will not be gone for long so just hang in there with my while I make the final mad dash for the finish. Anyway, I just wanted to let you guys/gals know that I wont be online, and if you could be praying for me, concerning my exams, then that would be great. Thanks a ton and all the best for the rest of your schooling too!

~Son of the King~

Friday, May 13, 2011

Literal Assassin's Creed Brotherhood Trailer

This is probably the most addictive literal video I have ever set eyes on in my entire life, and better then that it is based on Assassin's creed!!! Before you watch it I want to inform you that it does use the word Hell (once) and it has many fighting scenes, but no blood shed.

Ok, feast your eyes, and if you are like me you will try to remember the lyrics. XD


Alright, now give a big hand to the guys who put this together, even if you are the only one there. If you want to support them in their most awesome projects (making literal videos for nearly every game) then you can at least leave a comment and like their video here

~Son of the King~ 

I am back, with a saying or two

Wow, it has been all too long since I have ever laid a finger on this blog, far too long, in fact it has been over three months since my last post, I believe. Just to let you know, I have not progressed in my book at all, due to a heck of a lot of school which has suddenly appeared from nowhere, and because I fell behind I guess I sorta slacked here too. Anyway, about the title I will show ya guys a few interesting quotes which suddenly popped into my head while doing school (XD) lol, so without blabbing anymore I will now present them to you.

1. Saying: Wisdom is just an application, thinking is the real deal.

1. Meaning: Wisdom is important and it certainly helps you in many ways, but if you put your mind into its thinking mode then it far surpasses wisdom as your ingenuity begins to grow

2. Saying: "Time is like money, if you throw it away there is no getting it back".

2. Meaning: Don't waste time, it is just as foolish as throwing away money, and when you throw your money away, there is now way to retrieve it.

3. Saying: "If you throw a stone, be prepared for a dozen to come your way. Throw a rose (without thorns) and ten dozen will be returned".

3. Meaning: One little insult will cause a barrage of unhappiness to come your way, but a touch of love will cause an ocean of kindness to sweep you away.

4. Saying: "A stone can be ground into dust, but dust can not be ground into anything more then what it is."

4. Meaning: Don't wear yourself out too far, or else there will be nothing more to give.

5. Quote: "Place all the sharp arrows in one quiver so when it is time to war you will have the upper hand."

5. Meaning: Place yourself among other wise people so when it is time to use your knowledge it can be in unity with other brilliant brains to create something truly wonderful.

6. "What never was is about to come"

6. Meaning:  There is no meaning for this, just use your imagination!

*REMEMBER* These sayings have a copy wright so if you want to use them then come to me and ask. And, if you see them being used anywhere without my name behind them then please inform me. It took me a whole fifteen minuets to come up with them and I want them to be respected XD. lol 

Well, that's about all. I have to be going and hopefully I won't neglect my duty of keeping you guys entertained. With that said....TATA!!!

~Son of the King~

Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Hobbit!!!

Well, just lately I was in a bit of an LOTR mode and decided to search up more about the movies in hopes to find some interesting information. Anyway, as I was looking around I got a tingle of excitement as I found out that the Hobbit is going to be put into production and a movie (not a cartoon version) will be made!!! As a matter of fact, from a few of the sites I have visited it is estimated that the first movie will come out near December this year, and it's sequel will be in theaters around the same time next year. As for the actors, Richard Armitage will be playing Thorin, Mikael Persbrandt will be playing the Shape Shifter Beorn, Orlando Bloom will be playing Legolas, Ryan Gage will be playing Drogo Baggans (Frodo's father), and  Ian McKellen and Andy Serkis will continue to play their roles as Gandalf and Gollum, and as of January 7, 2011 Eligah Woods stated he would continue to play the role of Frodo. Of course, I couldn't leave out the main character for the movie as Martin Freeman will be playing Bilbo Baggins!!!! Ok, with that out I guess you guys (and gals) should take a look at the unofficial trailer which I found on YouTube   

Sooooo intense!!! I just can't wait to get to the real movie. Well, I hope you guys (and gals) enjoyed it and if you want to make any comments (if there are any mistakes with the actors)  then please do. Thanks again for coming by to the CWH and I hope you found this post interesting!

Want the above picture?

~Son of the King~

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Back in the writers flow

Hey yall, I just wanted to inform you that I have advanced my book a thousand words and now I am only 8,499 words left to write until the first book in ITML is completed!! You may not be exactly excited, but for me this is a big accomplishment as it will be the most words written on one word document EVER, but that is not all. I also remember the promise that I made stating that as soon as I finish up writing this book there will be a giveaway. I still have it in mind to do so and for those of you who are looking forward for the amazon money you will soon be able to apply and thus you will be one step closer to the finale! Anyway, I also wanted to inform you guys that the prize will not only be for Canadians and Americans, but also for those in the UK. There will be two separate draws and anyone within the Canadian/American border will receive ten amazon dollars (so they can hopefully divulge in books :P) and those in the UK will receive 5.

With that said I guess I can move on to some of the more random stuff that has been happening in my life lately these days. You may know that we (our family) live on a ranch in the middle of somewhere in Canada and have a few head of cattle and horses. Anyway, as we (my mom and I) were preparing to feed them she decided to take off and leave me running all the way down to a hay shed (a place where we store our animals feed) in the dark with uneven terrain around me. Though I know the place well I guess I wasn't paying attention and soon was head over heals and flopping on my back below a ridge that suddenly dropped off. Though I hate to admit it, I had run off the edge of a steep cliff like area and had done a front flip (no kidding) then landed on my back. Now as I sit here at my computer I am filled with aches and pains from the tumble but am already considering to redo the flip and get Squeaks to film it XD. Although this isn't really bad, what makes it even worse was that when I jumped off the flat bed truck (where we carry the hay bales), my foot caught on the edge and I once again went head over heals (another type of of a painful front flip) and once again landed on my back. It not only pains my pride (and my back) to tell you of this, but I found it too funny to bypass so I just had to blurt it out...It's a good thing I wrote in my book before this happened, my thoughts might have been a bit jumbled XD :P :).

Anyway, I guess that sorta sums up what I have to say and with that said I guess I should get going. Ttyl!

 Want the Image above?

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I'm Back!!

Hey everyone! Well, after a long break from the blogging world I finally decided to get back into the gist of things and start to get caught up with everyone here...again :). Well, as you know it is spring break and, although I really don't have a break, I will get back to my book and start writing again. Fortunately my writers block is long gone and although my head is still filled with Science *glares at textbook in front of him* I still think I will be able to finish ITML and start the second book in the series. After some though I finally came up with a name and decided it would be called "The Eastern Sea Revolt". I have also come up with other names for the other two books, but I am not going to tell you them just yet, I want it to be a bit of a surprise for you all. Anyway, that is all I have to say right now, however I hope to be back later with news that my book is progressing, and if I don't then you will know that my school got the better of me XD. By the way, if you all could  do me a big favor and put down your blog addresses (so I can remember which blogs are still up) that would be great! Thanks again and enjoy your spring vacation (if you have one)!

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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Provincial Exams

Provincial Exams? *you ask*
Yes, Provincial exams...the exact reason why I have been away for so long.
*you give me an odd look* But those aren't until the end of the month!
*looks down at his shoes* Exactly, but the studying...grr...never mind...

Well, I am back...*looks above* did I just write that? Well, I must have because no one else is on this blog except me....oh boy....anyway as you may know already I still haven't finished my book but I am working on it and have a few thousand more words to go before it is ready to begin revising (which there will be a lot of). Other than that I am working on my English course with renewed enthusiasm as my teacher continues to give me pleasing marks and as for my Socials courses I am also getting off to a great start...hey, that sparked an idea, how would you like to read some of my work that I have written? Ok, well, lets it is, this is a post I wrote recently arguing that the Canadian rebels (in 1837) were justified in taking up arms against the British it is....

In 1837, were the rebels justified in taking up arms against the official government?
With Rebel Patriots causing much tension in 1837 and political unrest growing between Britain and the Canadian colonies many people began to grow unsettled with the unjust rules that were being put down upon them. With the unchanging law set by the king of England forcing tariffs and other self beneficial taxes, the un-loyal people began to bend under the pressure that was set. Now it was only a matter of time before they exploded, and they did. The real question though is did, or did not the Patriots become justified in taking up arms against their benefactor. My answer, yes they were justified.
Upon the immense migration into Canada during the 1800’s many new complaints began to arise among the unhappy settlers. Some of the complaints had to do with the fact that they had little land to farm and that their taxes were too high, but most were based on the fact that transportation was terrible and that the roads were much too rough. With these complaints in mind they decided to take them to the only people who could make a difference which at that time was the British government. Popular men like William Mackenzie and Joseph How were some of the leaders who came up with these lists of grievances and presented them to the high court in hopes for acceptance, but they were refused and looked upon as the ‘minority of requests’. When the people who had sent out the grievance letters received their answer they realized that they would have to show Britain that if their requests would not be granted, then they would fight for them.
Now, after hearing a bit of the history of why the rebels took up arms against their mother country you can begin to understand why I am brought to believe that they did it for a rightful cause. Britain saw these people as a minority rather than important and therefore scorned them and treated them with little respect (in certain aspects, this being one of them) and is seen when they refused the grievance letters. From what I understand, Britain, at this current time period, was having enough troubles of its own and did not want to deal with Canada’s too so they only accepted the beneficial happenings that came their way. By doing this I suppose the Canadians thought they were being disrespected and thus revolted. According to history these revolts that they carried out always were seen as a fight for freedom and not as a rebellious act out of disrespect to Britain therefore proving that they were fighting for a rightful cause rather than for other reasons.
Finally I understand that many people believe these Canadians were complete rebels, but you should understand that before the leaders stirred dissension within the people, they never once thought of starting an outright rebellion against Britain for their liberties and political freedom. Because of the influential speakers like Louis Joseph Papineau people were drawn into the whirlpool of the rebellion that was going around at that time. Without these leaders these people may never have had rebelled against England and never would have stood up for what they believe their liberties should be, therefore crediting these people for causing all of the problems would be inaccurate. Now with this understood you can see that because of the influence of the rebellion leaders the colonists wanted to be part of the liberalistic viewpoints that the Americans were thriving off of not insubordination that they are now charged with!
So, after reading my post on why I believe the Patriot’s/Rebels were justified in taking up arms against Britain you should understand their true motive as to why they began to fight against Britain. It was not for selfish reasons, but for just ones and it was not out of rebellion that they stood their ground, but defence against an intruding nation that was going to try to rule their lives and government. The Patriots stood for a righteous cause and by doing so were justified. 

Here is an essay I just finished. Personally I don't think it to be as strong as my response for Socials, but it still has gotten me a good mark. 
English 10 Lesson 11 Les Misérables Essay:
Protecting the Welfare of Others
Each of Hugo’s main characters in his dramatic play ‘Les Misérables’ make numerous decisions concerning others welfare and each of them have their own varying degrees of success. When wise decisions allow some to thrive and leave behind a flourishing path others will fail and leave nothing but a sorrow filled future for its victim. As he wrote the play Hugo simply wanted his audience to understand that they are responsible for the welfare of other people no matter what the circumstance. In ‘Les Misérables’, the author demonstrates examples through Valjean and employee’s daughter Cossette, Fantine and her daughter Cossette, and finally being the most important Bishop Myriel and Valjean. So with the tension upon these characters lives they all must make life changing decisions that will affect the welfare of another character, but how will they emerge from the situation?
The first character who assumes the responsibility to protect the welfare of another person is the main character Jean Valjean and his responsibility is an employee’s child, Cossette. Upon rescuing one of his employees, Fantine, he learns that she had a child and she beseeches him to find the girl and bring her back. When the woman dies out of shock when she finds out whom Jean Valjean actually is he sets out to find the child and stops at nothing to fulfill his duty. After searching for some time he finds Cossette and ‘adopts’ her from her cruel care takers and shows his first act of responsibility for the girls welfare. Valjean also teaches the child what she must know to make a living and how to live a prosperous business life with simple education much like his. Many times it is explained that he spends time with Cossette teaching her to read and write while allowing her to complete other tasks she never had been taught by her foster family. By doing this he proves his second act of responsibility conceding Cossettes welfare. Finally due to his over protective behaviour for his ‘daughter’ Valjean causes the young woman to feel restricted and independent in life therefore making her want to become dependent and she does so when she marries a man her father despises. Even though Valjean is only trying to fulfill his promise to Fantine by taking care of Cossette he realizes his job is done, but due to the build up of stress over the years he finally dies. Because of his kind actions to a complete stranger he not only saved Cossette from a life of poverty, but a most certain death.
Fantine is the second character that will be discussed as she partakes in the responsibility for her own daughter’s welfare in life. As the single mother struggles through life, Fantine decides that she can no longer keep her precious daughter with her and that she must leave her with foster parents until she is able to find a steady and reliable job. This idea becomes an action when she finds a well off family who accepts her offer for only a small salary to keep the child well and alive. This is Fantine’s first action concerning her responsibility for her daughter’s welfare as she allows Cossette to have a steady life rather than a nomadic future that is inevitable. Also, while Fantine receives minimal salary from her job in a factory she is sent letters from the Thenardier family requesting more money for her daughters needs. Instead of asking them what needs had to be fulfilled she quickly sold her hair along with two of her teeth and sent the income for her daughter. By fulfilling this selfless act she once again proved her responsibility for her daughter’s welfare. Finally, upon her death bed Fantine requesters Valjean, who is still unknown to her, to find her daughter and bring her back. By simply trusting a stranger to complete an important task such as this one she concluded her responsibilities for Cossettes welfare. By doing the tasks shown above Fantine, much like Valjean, saved Cossettes life and stopped at nothing, even her own health to make sure her child had a comfortable life.
Concluding the characters who assume the responsibility to protect another’s welfare, the Bishop is a fine example as he takes care of Valjean during his short stay. Bishop Myriel entertains the convict, Valjean, who has just been let out of prison and allows him to stay at his monastery. This is his first act wherein the Bishop assumes the responsibility for caring for Valjean’s welfare. Also, during Valjean’s stay the Bishop begs Jean Valjean to recount his life and reconsider the path that he has chosen and to decide carefully about his future. This is not only because this is the Bishop’s job to help sinners chose a lifelong path, but it is because he cares for the man and does not want to see his life ruined any more than it already is. This is the second act of responsibility for Valjean’s welfare as you can see. Finally, and most important, when Valjean is found by an officer with much of the Bishops silverware which has been stolen the Bishop is faced with the decision to dictate the due punishment coming to Valjean, or to allow him to go free in hopes for him to change. The Bishop does not need to think long as he states he gave the silverware to Valjean and that he forgot to take the candle sticks as well. This is the final and, most important action wherein the Bishop assumes the responsibility for Valjean’s welfare. Due to his kind and godly actions Valjean was saved from a lifetime in prison and he was also allowed to positively affect other characters lives.
Now after you have read about how Hugo’s characters dealt with their responsibilities, Valjean with Cossette, Fantine with Cossette and Bishop Myriel with Valjean, you can begin to understand exactly why the author wanted to show us why we too should be responsible to the welfare of others around us. Not only is this Biblical, but it is also morally correct for us to be helping our ‘neighbour’ and being responsible for them when they are unable to support themselves. Overall Hugo wants us to be the people his nation never was at the time he wrote ‘Les Misérables’, so are we up to the challenge or will we refuse to become responsible for others benefits?  The choice is up to you.

not marked /6
Ok, there you have it, my 690 word response and my 1,092 word essay. So, after looking over some of my school work you can begin to understand why I am not exactly writing much. :) Keep praying and hopefully I will be able to finish soon! Also if you will keep me in your prayers as I will be attempting my first Provincial Exam on the 25. Thanks so much!

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