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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

It all falls back

Well, life is the way it always is. I am always dead tired and am trying to get a break but it, like the title says, all falls back. Right now I feel like I could just sit down and sleep for eternity, seriously. School, well that has just been going and well the marks are not in the best places but then again. I am going to retake my math course with a weird person/tutor/guy. Anyway I have my first tutoring lesson tomorrow and I am not exactly looking forward to it but what the heck. 

Lately,besides school, my life has been based around music. I feel like it is the only way to actually escape from the world around me. My fave band's would have to be, starting with the best, Crashing hopes, NEEDTOBREATH, Owl City, Downhere, and Third day. I must admit that Owl City has made a big hit and is totally great.

Ahh, what else to write, oh, ya, I have to mention that today, Feb-10-10 I got a new app for gamil, I think it is called buzz. It is a total replica of Twitter! haha. Well, I gtg now. ttfn 

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Squeaks said...

Buzz (or GooBoo as I say) is ok...but then again, I believe it is more private than Facebook or Twitter