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Into the Mystic Lands (stands at): 46,321 words, 184.16 pages!!!

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The Adventures of Walrus Island: Editing, 70,211 words, 146 pages.

Friday, March 26, 2010

The lowly life...

...Life has been a bummer for the last week and a half, I haven't done much at all, and that is except for Social Studies has been on my heels trying to destroy me bit by bit, but I gotta hang on and wait it out, if you know what I mean. I am working on a essay based on "How the philosophies of Voltaire, Rousseau, and Montesquieu affect our lives today." lol...too boring for me, I was dumb enough to even pick the question, but I already have half the essay done. Anyway, my cousins are coming over to our house for about four days, the are arriving this afternoon =). Too much stuff to catch up with them on BTW FYI they are from Calgary...GTG Alex is on the wedge swing and is screaming her head a usual day....

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