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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Editing and Publishing

As I am nearing the end of my first book in the 'ITML' series I am planning to look into editing it and soon after publishing it. Unfortunately I am totally without guidelines as to where to go with this so I have decided to pull out my last resort and ask you guys. I know that many of you are writers and some of you may have already published books so if you have and suggestions for a first-timer like myself, I would be glad to hear them in a comment. Thanks for your time!

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~Son of the King~


Child of God said...

I am sure your English teacher would help you. Ask her.


Kaleb said...

Well, do your research. Research literary agents, publishing companies, etc.
Find people (other than family) that are willing to critique it.

Son of the King said...

@ Child of God,

Good idea, I will ask her.

@ Kaleb,

I understand, but I was looking into more specifics or recommendations that some of you guys have already gone through. I know that there are some questionable publishers out there so I just wanted to play it safe. :) Thanks for the suggestion anyway!

~Son of the King~

Kaleb said...

No idea. I just look through the Christian Writer's Market guide and look up publishers,I Google them, I find them through facebook ads. I haven't got farther than asking what the guidelines are for anything.

Jake said...

(OO) Unfortunately I believe I can offer little advice. :P I myself have never *cough* fully finished editing one of my novels...but read it many many many times, and ye will see the flaws and fix them. Ask yourself questions. Stuff like that. :)

Icewolf said...

You're getting it published! That's something for me that I can't really see in my near future. Whose your publisher?

Son of the King said...

@ Kaleb,

Ok, great suggestions!

@ Jake,


@ Icewolf,

I am just looking around right now so I am not exactly sure if I am going to publish.

~Son of the King~

Belief said...

Why don't you get a few people to look it over and jot down suggestions, editing etc. If it's only you, you won't see all of it. But if it is more then one person the next person might see what another person might not have seen. A few people will be able to see some things that others might not have. Just a thought...

From Belief
working on 4,000

Son of the King said...

@ Belief,

I have already thought of that, but in a bit of a different way. I plan to print out my book for my parents and sister and let them edit it as they read. Sure the book will be quite marked up with scribbles and scrabbles before I get to rewrite my version, but nonetheless it will be worthwhile.

~Son of the King~
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