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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Cramped, that is what it is!

Well you can probably tell from the heading that I am an unhappy person now. Anyway the trip started off with a hustle and a bustle and a little bit of fussle, haha. So we got on the road at about ten and headed toward Vancouver. As we were driving along Alex and mom were pestering me about what had to be done in school, and about where the cows were that dad wanted to pick up. I was completing the English book thing and got to about eleven chapters, I think the first book in the book is called "in the beginning" and the second is called "Transformation". I am excited to complete the book and get on with the other work. Oh by the way there is another exciting thing that happened in school, in a Math test I was given a mark of 47/50 or something close to that, and in a English test I got another great mark that was something like a ninety some. Anyway we stopped at Kamloops and went into timmies and got turkey bacon club sandwiches with and tractor tire and a drink. Alex was acting weird in a way that she was pretending to have this kitty that's name was fluffy or something along the lines of that, and she was dressing it up in a huge scarf and made it look like a dress. When we hit the road again I went back to slaving at my work, mom and Alex thought that I was up to no good but the only thing that I was doing was putting my screen saver on again and again because the mouse was bumping all the time so it made it blablabla you know the rest. Anyway when we were halfway through the mountains my legs started to cramp real bad that is when I stuck my foot in the front of the truck and got mom and Alex mad. When we arrived in Whatcom we got snacks, filled the truck and emptied something else LOL. Now we are at our Hotel on our comps. We had a great big mess up with the internet in our room so it took a bit to get it going again but it is now faithfully working like a charm. I am going to get supper then head to TKD for a few hours of training, I will be back at ten thirty ish and will tell how everything else went. CYA
Hey, I am back, Training went well we trained on cardio and other strenuous stuff. Anyway I have to get going. 

Hey, today was great. Mom Alex and I are resting and getting ready for the TKD thing. I don’t know what I am supposed to be doing now but I have to go soon. Mom Alex and I went to red robin to eat burgers, they were good! Anyway I will report later tonight. 

Hey I am back again, training went well, we did not do a lot of work but it still was good. I am watching TV now; it is something on trench war. Mom Alex and I are eating junk food and enjoying ourselves. I have to go so I can wake up early CYA. 

Hey, today was the TKD competition. It ran horrible, the people who put it on sort of mixed up the entire schedule and took an extra three hours to get the color belts to do their poomsey! The great thing through is that I got to rest for about five hours before I fought. Anyway I got the "BY" in my fight so I only had to have like two fights, although I only got one because I lost the first fight. Anyway after the fight my had hurt real badly so after I got my meddle I went to the hospital and got it x-rayed. It turned out that the knuckle had popped off and broke. So the radiologist said it was a boxer’s fraction. They put my hand in a cast and I can’t really do anything but I can type because the fraction only causes pain when I move my finger up. Anyway I have to go into the doctor on Monday to get it re x-rayed and have surgery so I can have a pin put in :(. Anyway I will tell you more after I visit the doctor, CYA

Phew, my knuckle is broken but I don’t have to have sugary. I was a little upset when I heard the news but I guess that all things work for the better. Anyway I can’t wait for youth on Friday. I hope I can go, because it would be great to see everyone. Anyway I have to go. By.  

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