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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas 2009

Well, I guess that all things work together for good, but I am unsure of that right now, as I am sitting here in the doctors lounge a night befor Christmas I think that a ton of things are going wrong. Although there have been a few good things hapening like being able to watch the third episode of StarWars there are also many downs such as having to watch balarenias dancing. I am upset right now because of being stuck in the hospital but also because our Grandpa died a few days ago. He was shopping in a store when he fell and hit his head. Although many people urged him to go to the hospital he refused and picked up his grocries and drove to his appartment. When he had decided to take a nap he did not realise that he was going into acoma. A while later he whent to the hospital under pleeding from his wife. He found out that he had broken his skull and now was bleading into his brain. Just a few days ago we heard that he had died. I am extremely upset and am tired from all of the death that is hapening. I am not used to a ton of pain, just a few days ago someone else that I knew died, I am praying that God will have mercy on me and that he will spare me from more pain. 

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Karen said...

I am sorry you had so much pain over the holidays, but rest asured Grandpa is in heaven with Jesus and Grandma! Isn't that great news?