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Monday, January 4, 2010

Werid things that come and go.

Lately I have gone through a ton of hobbies. I always find that starting new hobbies gives me a thrill although I am usuly punished for doing them. A while ago my hobbie was Bows and Arrows, I enjoyed it because I always used to think that every tree around me was like an enemy. lol although it sounds dumb I must admit that it was one of the best things that could wast time on by behalf. Another hobby that I took to was making bombs. It sounds deadly but it is the best fun that a person can have. I have provided a link below so that you can see what type there are. Just to let you know that is only one. Anyway It is my hobbie to blow up things and get a laugh when people start coughing violently.


Squeaks said...

oh for sure...that sounds wonderful :P

Karen said...

I guess you are going to get into serious trouble for this one, hmm?
You need to focus your mind on useful things like how to shovel the snow and make a snow fort.

Jesus Freak said...

Bahumbug, snow? I hate snow, except if it is for skiing. lol.