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Monday, January 4, 2010


For a long time I have always thought that gaming was a thing that people did when they had nothing else to do except to sit back at just be lazy. I realise that now I have been pulled into that world as well. Lately, when my mom was in Toronto, I have found a way to shred up time on a fun and interactive game called Evony. If you have seen ads of it on random web pages you should try it out. The game is based on trying to build an army to plunder and destroy other cities around you. It boggled my mind many times while I am trying to decide what to invest my money into so that I can make more defences in my city. I love the game and would suggest it to everyone who enjoys sitting at their comp all day. If you want to check it out just click on the link and it should take you to the sign up page You don’t have to pay for anything unless you want to pay for cents to buy stuff that helps improve your town. For the sign up, all you have to do is put in your email along with a user name that you want other people to know you by. If you want to look for me just type into the world chat button Master Raphiel and I should respond immediately if I am not doing my school. You can also leave an email for me on the gaming page by just putting my name into the sending box. If you need any help, just look for my city "LEVIATHON" in the lower lorraine. I have never found a better game since Civilisation, if you don’t know what that is than I am going to have a long day typing the explanation out. Any way this game is a ton of fun and it is great for a five min break, because you usually have to wait a bit for things to be built and stuff like that. In the morning I will make a few changes here and there and then do my school all day and go back to it at night. It only takes a long time to build things when you get higher in level. When you begin I think that you should build houses for people to live in, than work your way up to the barrack. As I said earlier if you have any more comments just email me. If you think that the game is a brain musher, well you are wrong, because you have to make wise judgments and even in certain situations if you raise the tax of your people too high, they will revolt, therefore making you come up with an apology for them. You also have to interact with your alliance, therefore giving you an opportunity to learn how to ask people certain things. I hope you enjoy the info


Jesus Freak said...

My email is just to let you know.

Mrs. Van Oerle said...

I don't think my last post went through; so, suffice to say, sometimes I worry about you, Shane. But you are never dull! Mrs. Van Oerle