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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Death defying?

Many times I have heard of death defying acts that people have done, but I never actually believed anyone (beside my sister and I) could really do these stunts. Just recently my eyes started to open and I saw that there are a lot of people out there who do these things for a living. There are a few pictures below with an commentary from me. 

This is an interesting one, do you really think that a person could jump that high? And by the way did you notice the crowd laughing at the guy? Even though this is next to impossible to do I still would count it as a death defying act of courage. What do you think? Anyway I wish we could have bulls like that on our farm, you would probably see me trying the same thing.
Now, this is another one that I think is so cool. That bull probably though he had the guy and probably was planning what to do with his corps when he was done. I cant believe that people would be that stupid to try something like it. I don't think I would even be a spectator watching it!By the way that guy looks quite over exerted, like he looks like he is gona blow!  

This bull looks quite stunned, he probably is thinking "Ok, I cant have dementia because I remember he was wearing a red shirt, and the last thing I saw was him flying over me...wait a minute humans cant fly...I hear him, ah...what the heck I will go for the spectators. 

I love these pics, what do you think about them? Just post below and I will be extremely happy, thanks!



Karen said...

Well those are pretty neat pictures and comments. I do not think I would want to mop up after you have tried these stunts. I am glad to see that you are not interested in trying them out.

Karen said...

You know as I look at this again I think this would be a great way to train TKD. If you can flip out of the way from a bull than you can avoid your opponents kicks. What do you say? Do you want to give it a try? Maybe when that little black angus grows up you can give it a try or you might want to start off with a mad mom cow.
On the other hand you might sprain an ankle so I think you better pass.
Happy springing. :)

Jesus Freak said...

Haha. Well I don't know. If we have a bull that happens to have horns then I guess that the chances of me trying it would be bigger. LOL!!