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Monday, September 20, 2010


Once again I have taken up the hobby of photography, so I decided to attach a few of my best pictures for you guys to see.
And there you go! Hope you enjoyed!

~Son of the King~


Squeaks said...

Hehe! I like the last one SOTK :P

The story behind that one...I'm surprised you never put it up, but I guess I'll explain it b/c that was so much fun.

We were out in the forest walking around shooting photos and we come to this dead tree with a lone pinecone hanging on it. I said to SOTK,

"This would make a great Dead-Eden kinda photo, with a scraggly hand reaching to graph the last rotting apple" LOL! So we did it; I got my hand all covered in dirt and sap and then reached for the apple; SOTK snapped the photo and *poof* there ya go!

That was fun SOTK; I'm glad you put up that's my fave!


Son of the King said...

Thanks Squeak's!

Jake said...

The end of the rainbow! in a road. XD

Son of the King said...

@ Jake,

Well, it was actually just behind the hill :).