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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Map of Eramthena

Hello again everyone, well I decided to make a map for my book, Into the Mystic Lands, so I could focus more on the fine details for the story. I must admit that this is not an original idea, I actually got the idea from Squeaks when she wrote her post "Florescent Earplugs & Other Strange Things".
Anyway, back to the main topic, the map is based on the 1st world in my story, Eramthene. Ok, don't panic I will help you out with the pronunciation E-ram-théén-na. Ok, that wasn't so hard...was it? So, to get on with the photo of the it is.

Now I suppose that you are a bit more confused so I will provide you with a color code.

Blue= water
Green=grass land
Brown=rock field
Grey= Mountain
Green arrow=Tree
Crown=Capitol (there are two in this map, one for the evil kingdom and one for the good)
Blue town, city, capitol= Followers of the Father
Red town, city, capitol= Followers of the Evil

Well, that's all, if you have any suggestions as to how to make it look better then you are welcome to comment!

~Son of the King~


Squeaks said...

Cool Jube-jubes! XD Looks like the Followers of the Father are getting crowded out by the Followers of the Evil. I can't wait to hear more about it :)

Squeaks the Unrufflable Cheesy Tree

Son of the King said...

Hey Squeaks,

Well, not exactly...if you look closer on the map you will realize that the upper left hand corner is a large gathering. There are also others spread around the map, but the light blue pencil didn't show it well.

~Son of the King~

Jake said...

Coolio. :D Looks awesome. I have a fondness for maps...I've drawn detailed ones before, trying to imitate Tolkien's style... :)

Son of the King said...

Thanks for the complement Jake!