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Into the Mystic Lands (stands at): 46,321 words, 184.16 pages!!!

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I'm Back!!

Hey everyone! Well, after a long break from the blogging world I finally decided to get back into the gist of things and start to get caught up with everyone here...again :). Well, as you know it is spring break and, although I really don't have a break, I will get back to my book and start writing again. Fortunately my writers block is long gone and although my head is still filled with Science *glares at textbook in front of him* I still think I will be able to finish ITML and start the second book in the series. After some though I finally came up with a name and decided it would be called "The Eastern Sea Revolt". I have also come up with other names for the other two books, but I am not going to tell you them just yet, I want it to be a bit of a surprise for you all. Anyway, that is all I have to say right now, however I hope to be back later with news that my book is progressing, and if I don't then you will know that my school got the better of me XD. By the way, if you all could  do me a big favor and put down your blog addresses (so I can remember which blogs are still up) that would be great! Thanks again and enjoy your spring vacation (if you have one)!

~Son of the King~


Child of God said...

*crack da whip* hey quit slack'n, schools a call'n.


Son of the King said...

@ Child of God,

Aww, thanks for the sympathy!! Jk, I will.

~Son of the King~

Katy said...

Hi, I wasn't following you before but I am now! Here's my blog address though--hope you check out my blog as well:

Son of the King said...

@ Katy,

Hi Katy, hope you enjoyed my blog! I will make a note to go over to yours sometime soon!!! Thanks again for following!

~Son of the King~