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Friday, May 13, 2011

I am back, with a saying or two

Wow, it has been all too long since I have ever laid a finger on this blog, far too long, in fact it has been over three months since my last post, I believe. Just to let you know, I have not progressed in my book at all, due to a heck of a lot of school which has suddenly appeared from nowhere, and because I fell behind I guess I sorta slacked here too. Anyway, about the title I will show ya guys a few interesting quotes which suddenly popped into my head while doing school (XD) lol, so without blabbing anymore I will now present them to you.

1. Saying: Wisdom is just an application, thinking is the real deal.

1. Meaning: Wisdom is important and it certainly helps you in many ways, but if you put your mind into its thinking mode then it far surpasses wisdom as your ingenuity begins to grow

2. Saying: "Time is like money, if you throw it away there is no getting it back".

2. Meaning: Don't waste time, it is just as foolish as throwing away money, and when you throw your money away, there is now way to retrieve it.

3. Saying: "If you throw a stone, be prepared for a dozen to come your way. Throw a rose (without thorns) and ten dozen will be returned".

3. Meaning: One little insult will cause a barrage of unhappiness to come your way, but a touch of love will cause an ocean of kindness to sweep you away.

4. Saying: "A stone can be ground into dust, but dust can not be ground into anything more then what it is."

4. Meaning: Don't wear yourself out too far, or else there will be nothing more to give.

5. Quote: "Place all the sharp arrows in one quiver so when it is time to war you will have the upper hand."

5. Meaning: Place yourself among other wise people so when it is time to use your knowledge it can be in unity with other brilliant brains to create something truly wonderful.

6. "What never was is about to come"

6. Meaning:  There is no meaning for this, just use your imagination!

*REMEMBER* These sayings have a copy wright so if you want to use them then come to me and ask. And, if you see them being used anywhere without my name behind them then please inform me. It took me a whole fifteen minuets to come up with them and I want them to be respected XD. lol 

Well, that's about all. I have to be going and hopefully I won't neglect my duty of keeping you guys entertained. With that said....TATA!!!

~Son of the King~


Squeaks said...

Zugoo bamafooo!! XD nice to see ya back XD


Icewolf said...

Wow, those are great ones to remember. :D

Son of the King said...

@ Squeaks,

Thx sis.

@ Icewolf,

I know, I already am using them in my everyday speech. XD

~Son of the King~