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Saturday, July 30, 2011

The perfect assasin

Alrighty everyone, so I was doing a bit of thinking today and I looked back into some of my outlines for my second book (The Eastern Sea Revolts) and I realized that I was supposed to have an assassin planned and made ready so that when I started this book his entire character would be prepared and perfected. Now, with my time to create and perfect him is reduced I decided to write this post to sorta touch up on the character and give you an image of one of the brightest, cunning, and blood thirsty men that you will see in the ITML series. First of all I will give you a bit of his history, a personal idea of him, and finally a bit of an interview.

The assassin, Ceriou (pronounced Se-rou) grew up in the city of Talian, which is on the eastern side of the forbidden forest. As a child he was brought up in a high class family who wanted their son to become a gold smith, however he rebelled and for doing so he was disowned and forced to take on a life of his own. Not knowing what he should do he took to traveling while only at the age of a teen. In his travels he taught himself to fight but he found more interest peculiarly in assassinations and on one of his trips he found a disguised assassin who mentored the youth in the art. Soon the two men made a fantastic team but disputes arose and Ceriou killed his mentor and took the profession seriously. He offered his services to many wicked men, and by doing so he built up a fortune to last him a lifetime, but his trill of assassinating people kept him from enjoying his money until his death later in life.

Character Sketch:

Name: Ceriou of Talian
Age (currently in the book): 28
Height: 5'10
Weight: 154lb's
Hair color: Dark Brown
Eye color: Green
Weapon of choice: Dagger/Short Sword
Popularity (1-10): 8


SOTK: Hello everyone, lets give our guest Ceriou a warm welcome to the CWH.
C: Ehh, what's all of this about?
SOTK: Well Ceriou I thought I might introduce you to the crowd.
C: Thank you, but you know that I would rather not be here right  now, I am on an assignment.
SOTK: Really, tell us about it.
C: I would rather not.
SOTK: Aww, come on.
C: But if you let the secret slip...
SOTK: *Zips lips*
C: What about them? *Motions to crowd*
Audience: *Zips lips*
C: Ok, so this really important guy wants me to hunt down, and bring this guy back to him either dead or alive.
SOTK: Who is this guy?
C: As if you didn't know *Scoffs*
SOTK: Well why don't you tell the audience, they don't know."
C: Well, ok. So this really important guy wants me to hunt down Korr.
Audience: *GASP*
C: Yes, you heard me right. He wants me to get Korr either alive or freshly dead so he can use him for some scientific experiment.
SOTK: Do you know why he wants him?
C: Duh, of course. I never go on an assignment without getting all of the details.
SOTK: Well then, why don't you tell us about what is to be done.
C: Alright. He wants Korr because he believes he can duplicate his power, uh that is the power of water.
SOTK: Wow, this guy must be very desperate if he thinks he can steal the power of a wizard.
C: He is desperate. He already possesses one power from Feldrem and all he has to do is get the other three and he can pretty much own the world of Eramthena.
SOTK: Wow, so he is dangerous.
C: Darn right he is. But the worst thing for you *points to the audience* is that you don't know who he is. *laughs like a maniac*.
SOTK: Well I do!
C: *Grumbles and speaks under his breath* In a dark ally one of these days you won't suspect me.
SOTK: I heard that, and so did they*points to crowd*.
C: What ever.
SOTK: Hrmph.
C: Anything else you want to know. I have to be going soon.
SOTK: How bout we ask the audience *looks towards fellow bloggers* If you want to ask a question Ceriou will be waiting to answer. Just leave a comment and he should get back.
C: Yeah, like there are any computers, much less internet in Eramthena."
SOTK: I will provide a way.
C: Alright. *addresses crowd* Well, I will be hearing from you soon, but please, don't ask me about what is to happen when Korr is caught, because I don't know...well I do, but I can't reveal it. *stands up from chair, swirls cloak and disappears*
SOTK: Alright, thank you everyone for bearing with me through this interview, and remember if you want to ask a question from my, uh, correction, the assasin, then go ahead and leave a comment on this post. Thanks again!

Alright, that wasn't too bad, was it? Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this little *scrolls up* correction medium sized post and be sure to leave a comment, because everyone loves those. I will also be making an effort to visit some of your blogs today so with that said cheerio!



Squeaks said...

Ceriou sounds fascinating! I like his name too :D Kinda reminds me of someone of Mexican descent...or maybe that's just cuz I was eating cheese and listening to Hispanic music :P *laughs*

Okie are some questions for this...assassin:

1. Do you ever wish you lived a different life? A quieter one where you didn't kill people?

2. Do you like music? If so, what type?

3. Have you ever considered getting the scientist dude to experiment on Korr and then take his power for yourself? :P

Ok, three's the magic number...I'll *poof* *disappears*

Signed with sparklies ;)


Ceriou said...

Ms. Squeaks:

I find your questions quite prying, however I find them suitable enough.

As for the first question, no. I never would want to live a life different then this. If I took the other path that my parents had presented to me back in my child hood I would be a fool of a man working for people with riches, but now I am working the people for riches...if that makes any sense. Even though some days I wish that my job wasn't so violent I still must admit, I enjoy it.

As for your second question, of course, however my answer will probably be something you wont want to hear, however you asked for it. The music that catches my ear are the screams of suffering victims mixed in with the quiet downbeat of the drums and the sharp whine of a violin. Yes, that is my orchestra of death.

Your final question is making this "scientist dude" sound like a fool, which he is far from, he is my master, not my master of masters, but just my superior. As for the question, no. I do not care to mingle with his far fetched experiments. As far as I know most of his volunteers die under the experiments so why should I risk my posh life for the sake of ruling the world...wait a second, that sounds like an idea, I am going to have to talk about this one with SOTK.

Thank you for your questions, and remember, a good assassin is a greedy one. Muhahahaha.