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Thursday, April 1, 2010

April fools...

Although April fools has not been a large tradition within our family, I still must admit that it is fun. Several years my cousin (Steve) came to our place so that he could finish off the railing on our house. Little did I know that it was April fools (This is a bad time to be around our cousin) and that everyone was on the "spunky" side. Anyway he decided to try to fool me but it didn’t work the way he planed (partly). He rigged a bucked of horse dung, mud, garbage, and other nasty things above the door, so that when I walked out the door he would pull a string and the bucket would fall on me. YUCK. Anyway I detected that something was up and cut the string and saved the day (for me). After the feeding was finished I came back to the house half expecting something else to be rigged up but as I said with my knife in my hand "phew, thank God!). At that second a huge bucket of water landed on my head. My cousin and dad were in the loft and threw a bucket of cold water out the skylight at me. I was drenched. From this day on I have appreciated being dry.

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