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Monday, April 19, 2010

Wa'z tat?

I was reading over the blog Hidden Doorways had an idea for a writing game that promotes the usage of different accents. The idea of this game is to pick an accent that is given below and wright a 200 word beginning for a story. I will list the accent's below, if you have a different accent that you want to use than just inform me with a comment. 

1. Western accent
2. Texas accent 
3. Canadian accent
4. American accent
5. Jewish accent 
6. Irish accent
7. Indian accent
8. Medieval accent
9. Scottish accent
10. British accent

I hope you enjoy the game!


Storyteller said...

*gasp* You forgot British! 'Allo, chaps! :)

Son of the King said...

Wow, I was just thinking about that. I am gona add it in right now. lol. Thanks for telling me!