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Monday, April 19, 2010

Into the Mystic Lands

Hey everyone, here is the beginning of one of the books I am writing. Tell me what you think of it so I can have more ideas. I am already on my fourth chapter of the book so if you could give me some ideas for the ending that would be great. 

Into The Mystic Lands

Chapter 1

Sir Korr wiped his wet hands in vain against his already wet tunic. He grimaced against the pouring rain and continued to move forward. His battalion of warriors strode confidently beside him, occasionally passing out of view behind the gnarled trees.
“Captn’, the men are getting nervous. Shall we continue on?” Sir Korr’s second in command looked at him through the visor of his helmet.
“No. Keep pushing forward. I want to get a closer look at the damage.” The young man nodded and motioned the men onward.
Sir Korr blinked his eyes once, then twice. What was that? Green smoke? Green smoke...Now where did he learn about that? He closed his eyes, the image was imprinted on his mind and seemed to scald his memory. Hyadrens!! The beasts lived deep within the Forbidden Forest? Why were they near the entrance? With no time to think, Korr called out,
“Positions men! Hyadrens!” He then swung his sword out of his scabbard and took a fighting stance. The battalion followed with various stances and poses, all to their advantage against the flying beasts.
The sounds of metal hitting flesh soon resounded through the dense forest and the rain. The winged animals swooped upon the soldiers, viciously trying to grab their necks and claw their throats out. Good thing Sir Korr had trained his men long and hard; they were prepared for this attack. Before too long the last of the devils had fallen to the floor and evaporated into dust.
Wiping his blade on the ground, Sir Korr looked around at his men. They seemed slightly frazzled, but nevertheless they were okay.
“Let’s just advance a little more and then we’ll return to the fort.” Sir Korr walked slowly, eyeing the trees and dying foliage as though more Hyadrens could come buzzing out.
After another 100 meters of blazing, Sir Korr halted the group and shook his head. Whatever the Emodia are up to this time, they’re not about to reveal their secret.
“Alright men, let’s go back. Watch behind you as you retreat to the fort. I don’t know whether those devils have the sense to fight you face to face or if they’ll blindly fly at your backs. Keep your eyes open.”
 When the men had exited the wood’s they hastily made their way to the fort. When they had arrived at the magnificent fortress they quickly dismounted and made way for the stables. The only person who did not move was Sir John. He had heard is name called out from a well known person it of course was the king’s royal messenger whose name was Safos. He was a plump and jumpy fellow who enjoyed attending all of the banquets that the king held, and hated running around sending messages to each and every soul in the town he only stayed in the position because he knew that he would eat well. He quickly made notice of Sir Korr “Sir Korr....Sir Korr, oh my, what has happened to you?” Sir Korr looked down at his armour and realised that one of the predatory birds had left one of its wing dangling on his chain mail. As he grappled for a firm hold on the leathery tissue he said “Oh that” he replied, “that is what is left of the Hyadrens that attacked the band this afternoon.” “I understand, now the king sent me to tell you that when you arrived back from the search to send you straight to the hall of kings.” He quickly thanked the Safos and handed his horse off to a stable by and paid him with a small coin.
 As Sir Korr walked down the old path which lead to the royal hall memories were came back to him when he was a boy and he used to play conqueror with the other dare devils. The game consisted of the weapons that they could bribe their fathers to give them, and the other ones that were found in the old catacombs under the inner place. Once they had the weapons in their hands they would fight to try to win the pole that was on top of the old pile of rocks on the east side of the city. The young knight smiled to himself as the memories drowned out the day’s events.
Suddenly snapping out of his daze Sir Korr quickly trotted down to the hall to finish the errand that he was called to do.
Upon his arriving at the hall Sir Korr was ushered into a large room which held the elders of the town.
“Ahhhh, Sir Korr, you are back” said one of the highest leaders Jethia.
 Sir Korr quickly replied “Yes, one of the messengers that you sent found me as soon as I entered the city. I suppose that you want to know what had happed with the garrison of men that you sent out to patrol the forests.”
“Yes, I am interested and along with all of the other elders.”
“Well,” Sir Korr started, but was quickly cut off when the King himself walked into the small meeting.
“Sir Korr, I need to talk to you quickly, it is important!”
Although Sir Korr did not want to be disrespectful to the elders and leave the meeting so quickly he also did not want to run into the king in a bad way.
“Yes your majesty, I will come with you immediately after I tell the elders about what had happened.”
“Yes, I suppose that what I have to say can wait, I will enjoy hearing your story along with the elders”.
“Yes your majesty, I will begin immediately.”
After Sir Korr had told the host of men about how the Hyadrens had attacked them as they entered the woods, and how many of the soldiers had died because of the raid that had happened unexpectedly.
“I am surprised!” The king said “That so many of those devils attacked you, they usually keep to themselves, unless they were sent by someone to do something.”
“Yes” Jethia mumbled “it is interesting that they would do that, as many of you know they have no control over their actions, therefore they have to be controlled by something, or someone more specifically someone.”
Quickly Ruben, another one of the elders added in “Yes, that is true but if someone ordered them to attack the party we sent out, than someone must have told them that we were sending those men out. I think that we should try to see if we can find someone who is acting as a spy between the two of us it is obvious that whatever we do now, we are being watched.
Many mumbles went through the crowd of men; the people were obviously stunned that such a thing could have happened.
“Yes” the king replied “I think that from now on we are going to have to keep our eyes open to what is happening around us, I do not want to be caught off guard again like that, too many men have suffered from previous attacks by single Hyadrens. With a big group like this, they could do a lot of damage to our armies, at this we will refrain from sending our men into the forest. Do you all agree?”
Everyone in the hall, as far as the king could see, had said yes.
“Good, I will send news to the barracks about the decision”. With that a young page boy came and collected the scroll that the king had written and left.
“Now, that we have come to an agreement on that, I thank you for holding this meeting, as it was important. As we leave here I wish to give you all a blessing. As you know King Raphiel, my father, you should all understand that it is mandatory for a blessing to be given so hear now, May Yahweh bless you in his way, and allow the holy sword of Elanon drive our enemies away, and allow them to be banished forever.
Quickly the crowd dissipated until only the King and Sir Korr were alone.
“Now” the king said, “We shall talk!”   

I hope you enjoy the first chapter of my book! Please comment and tell me what you think!


Anonymous said...

Wow, great job, i love the story! Keep up the good work!

Son of the King said...

Thanks a ton. I have been working on it for a while now. I guess that the good work is starting to pay off!

~Son of the King~