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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Excerpt 2 from Into the Mystic Lands

I have finally reached my prized position in my book Into the Mystic Lands and have decided to throw a party of sorts for my reaching the 10,000 word point. Of course this is only a small amount for what I have in plan, but nonetheless I will celebrate my success, here is the excerpt from chapter five. 

Midnight was approaching the now darkened city of Droth, a southern city that was used for its accessibility to the ocean and to the other lands across the expanse of water. It was Valens first time in the city and it was the first time that he had traveled out of his northern homeland.
He had made way there to settle business with an old time friend of his father’s who had moved here to join a fishing crew. His meeting had gone well and he was happy to know that as soon as he would return home he would be in the silk business. To celebrate his accomplishment he went into the tavern to buy himself a drink.
“What will it be mister?” He was questioned by the bartender.
“What is your best that you have?”
“Snowskin ale, a mixture of our best brew and wine combined that has been sitting in our cellar for over ten years.”
“Then give me two of them” He said as he tossed down a gold coin onto the counter. Tonight was his night and he was going to enjoy it. As he took off his fleece coat the first drink arrived in a tall potted cup. Filled to the top with a strong smelling brew and coated with an inch of foam.
This is the life! He said to himself as he slurped down the ale. Strong, and not as good as it is back home, but it will suffice for now he told himself.
The tavern overlooked the glistening waters of the ocean and mirrored the stars that shone ever so brightly that night. Not even money could pay for the feeling that he had in him right then. A peace or a knowing that everything was just how he wanted it was the way to describe the feeling.
He tilted his head back and lifted his cup but found that he had already finished it so he called the tavern master to bring him the other.
After he had finished the second drink he was satisfied beyond comparison. His face was flushed and he felt warm. It didn’t matter that he would feel ill in the morning, now counted the most.
As he walked outside he was greeted by a warm southern wind that blew in from the oceans. The smell of salt water penetrated his senses and worked its way into his tired mind. It did the trick. Immediately he felt as though he had never felt pain, or experienced fear. All was perfect.
A voice sounded from behind him, an evil and sinister voice. “Give it to me boy; you have something that I want!”
Valen swung around to see a hooded man staring at him and replied in a shivering voice. “I...I don’t have any...anything of your...yours sir.”
“But you do boy, you have blood that I want! And I will take it!” The man lunged at Valen but missed as Valen leapt out of the way and into safety.
“You can’t dodge me forever, you will die tonight, and your hours are limited.”
With that his body shudder and started to grow. Valen now knew what he was up against, a deceiver. These shape shifters could take on the form of any fear that a person had, this was just what Valen feared.“You now know who I am boy, I am your FEAR! Suffocation!
“Valen backed up and was rewarded to find an alley as he ran. The shape shifter, still growing into its wolf form was momentarily left behind.
“As he ran Valen could only hope that there was a safe way out. And there wasn’t,only a dead end.
Skidding to a stop he faced a fifteen foot wall. Panic set in and started eating through him. Now there would definitely be no escape for him unless he ran back the way he came...into the deceiver’s mouth! Right then and there he knew what he had to do and he made his decision. He would face his fears. 

So there it is, a excerpt from chapter five for you all! I hope you enjoyed. 

~Son of the King~

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Squeaks said...

Wow! That's great SOTK *gives brother nuggy* XD I like how you have him facing his fears...the undercurrent of emotion really grabbed me. I'm left wondering what is next :) Good job!

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Squeaks ;)