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Friday, October 15, 2010

In the Hall of the Dragon King

For a school project I was asked to choose a book that I thought would interest me and to complete a Novel study directed to it. So, I decided to complete the study on Stephen R. Lawhead's book In the Hall of the Dragon King. Even though  the writing style may captivate some people I personal found the majority of his book to be somewhat un interesting  (No offense to the Lawhead lovers:). Now you may be wondering why exactly I didn't enjoy reading this book. Let me get started. 
1. The first reason why I thought his story to be more on the uninteresting side is because of his writing style. I am not saying that his writing is amateur or even too complicated, but rather it is to 'fast paced'. This will not apply to all people, but personally for myself I like a book that will describe all of the details thoroughly and to have many of the scenes in the book have a chapter to themselves rather than a few hundred words. 
Want this picture?     

2. The second reason why I don't exactly enjoy his writing is 
because he uses to many places at one time. In one moment you will be at one town and in the next paragraph those same characters will be all the way on the other side of Mensandor. Like I said in my first point I don't enjoy a book when the author will not go through all the details of how something happened. 
3. The final and probably most understandable point is that I had no other books to choose form as this was probably only other book besides Starlighter that would have a high enough reading level. So, being forced to read a book can make that book look a bit bad because of a bias opinion :). 
Now you may be wondering what my overall 'score' of the book (in my opinion) is. Well I think that other than the fast paced way the book read I would mark it about 8 out of 10 definitely not the best that I have read, but certainly I will be reading it again...and not just because of this Novel study:).

~Son of the King~


Jake said...

I love this book. :)

Son of the King said...

@ Everyone,

I just wanted to let you guys know that I am not criticizing this book, just looking at it form a personal view. Please don't think that I don't enjoy Lawhead's books, I do! Just not this one. :)

~Son of the King~