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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Weekend Giveaway!!!

Hey everyone, I just wanted to let you know that as soon as this post has been posted then a giveaway for five amazon dollars will start, but to make sure the competition is fare I need to know that at least five people are going to take part.The instructions? Look below to find out.

1. You must inform me that you are taking part of this contest, do so now by writing a comment (remember, we need at least five people to do so before I start the giveaway!!).

2. Look to the hints for help (Hints will be posted in a comment to this post as soon as five people join)

3. When you think you found the 'land mark' leave a comment as to where it is, and answer these following questions:
  a: Name of the blog post
  b: Date the post was written
  c: Where in the post it is to be found
  d: What the password is

Alright, I hope you enjoy and remember the quicker you join, the sooner you have a chance at winning!!



Daniel_w said...

Hi SOTK, I'll take part

Son of the King said...

@ Daniel,

Sounds good!!!


Squeaks said...

I'm joining!!! :D

Jake said...

I'll take part! Hopefully O_o

2-3 confused me. O_o *shall decipher it once he gets some sleep*

Belief said...

I guess I`m in....

Noah Arsenault said...

I'm in for sure!