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Friday, October 21, 2011

Fantastic writing music

Although everyone has preferences as to what music the like when the write I must admit that this is some of my favorite and always stimulates a flow of juicy thoughts.
                                                Damn Regret-->Red Jumpsuit Apparatus


                                                                    Let it Burn-Red

And there ya go, some of my ultimate faves, hope they help you as much as they have myself for writing!!!


Eldra said...

Whoa! TFK *and* RED??!! Awesome! Don't tell anyone (because I need to protect my reputation as a metal-head) but Let It Burn is my favorite song off of RED's Until We Have Faces cd. *nods* And Puppet is such an epic song. The live version blows my mind.

Personally, I can't write to music with lyrics. Here's the link to my YouTube writing soundtrack, if you want to check it out.

Let's try to get together some time, aye?

Son of the King said...

@ Eldra,

Lol, yeah I won't tell...XD but I think a few people already know since they are reading these comments. :P
Awesome music too, I absolutely love the "Beyond the Wasteland" tis' positively chilling...Actually it is the perfect music to be using while writing about my assassin.
And totally, we should get together again, but with school and all it is quite busy, you probably would have to talk to Squeaks anyway.


The Director said...

TFK and Red! *cheers*

Thank you for sharing the things that inspire you! I appreciate good rock music sometimes when I work too.

Son of the King said...

Mm, awesome. Yeah, rock is always a fav for me when writing.