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Friday, October 21, 2011

The progression of ITML

Well, I am starting back into my book again and decided, for lack of a better option, to show you guys a section of my work concerning the ITML. I have about 3k words left and intend to finish it soon so I can start on the next book in the series. Anyway, enough with the small talk, lets get down to business. :)

Chapter 23:

Korr lay on his bed with his face looking to the ceiling and with little to do he stared at the pattern of boards which made up the slanted roof above him. He had been sitting there for over a day with little to do but amuse himself with his imaginations and what little he could do in his cell. He had already counted the different ways that he could possibly escape, either through death or extreme planning, but no plausible solutions had shown themselves to him, yet.
Twice he had leaned out the window and considered how painful it could possibly be to jump and end his fate, but every time he was about to push himself out he remembered his mission, or whatever was left of it to consider. Mable would be dead by this time and his trip to the eastern boarders had been pointless and even the potions that he had collected would no longer be of any use.
As he dwelled in deep thought he suddenly was struck with an idea, the potions! He quickly sat up, but quickly regretted it as a wave of blood rushed from his head to his body leaving him temporarily semi-unconscious.
“Of course” He scolded himself “if he could find his potions he would be able to use them to dissolve anything, well at least what he needed to get through and escape, but he quickly lost hope when he remembered that he was still imprisoned in the room.
“Dam” He swore to himself when he remembered this, but then a second revelation dawned upon him and relight the hope within. The castle, as he last remembered, had several windows below the room that he was currently in, and if he made a timely jump then he might just be able to either catch a ledge, or if he made a rope from the items within the room then he could rappel down. 
“That would be a dead giveaway to let them know I escaped” He thought but an alternate plan came to him once again. If he could jump, grab a ledge and enter the castle right after the guard checked on him then he might just be able to plant a dead, mutilated body below his window and leave the guards and King to believe he had jumped and killed himself. That would certainly skewer the evil kings plans and not only could be able to spy and gain the plans, but he could also arm himself and gain the help of the guards who were loyal of the good side of the king.
“Now all I have to do is wait for the guard to come, then I make the jump, but I suppose I should give them some bait to make them think that it is reasonable for me to kill myself” At that moment he heard the scrape of a key in the lock and that was when he put his plan to action he leapt up to the window and leaned his torso out to make it look like he was about to jump out.
As the door opened he heard the gruff voice of his captor address him.
“What are you doing up there?”
“I’m about to jump, can’t you see?”
“Get down from there you fool!”He yelled as he grabbed Korr’s leg and yanked him down to a not so nice stop.
“Why’d you do that?” Korr tried to sound upset as he rubbed is bruised ribs that had been injured from the fall.
“Why’d I do that?”He sounded angry now “I did it because if you die, I die! Now eat your food because the king is going to see you within the hour and he expects to see that you have been well treated.”
With that the heavy guard left the room and slammed the door behind him then set the deadbolt in the old system of a lock.
“Ok, I can do this, and if I time it right I can eliminate the guard too” He said as he once again clambered to the window sill, but this time he sat on the edge facing the outside, now was the time.
“Father, give me the faith to do this, it has to be done so protect me” and with a large gulp of air he jumped.

And there you go, a little peek into chapter 23. Sorry for the cliff hanger, but I really couldn't end it anywhere else without giving away too much information. Hope you enjoyed, and if you have any questions just comment and I will get back as soon as possible.  

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