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Friday, November 4, 2011

5 things you will never hear a writer say

O.o *looks above to title* really? Well I surprised myself by writing about this, but whatever, I need to write a post so why not a random topic? Anyway, here are five statements that you will never hear a true writer say....

1. I absolutely hate books! Get them out of my life and give me an honest to goodness TV show!

2. Keyboards are meant for Facebook, Twitter, MSN, Skype and school assignments. Nothing more then that. 

3. Who would want to waste their time writing thousands of words when it is just going to be shoved into the back corner of your memory card never to be looked at again?

4. Writing is for people who are antisocial.

5. Books? The only thing I know that they are good for is starting a fire.

Ah, ok, so if you directly refute all of the above then you are a writer, if you said no to four of the above you are semi-writer, if you crossed out three of the above then you don't really have an opinion, but if you only detected two faulty statements you are a semi-hater, and if you said yes to them all then...WHAT ARE YOU DOING ON THIS BLOG?????? XD Ok, enough of that. :P
Anyway it's the fourth day for NaNoWriMo and I wish you all the best on getting to the six-thousand word count. :)

Happy Writing

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