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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Day 3...finished

Well, it's the end of day three for NaNoWriMo and I must admit that I am loving every second of my book. I started it up yesterday and just hit 5k today, as you can see through the multiple status bars across my blog :). Anyway, usually by this time I would be having a brain fart, but no, it is actually working, I have a thousand thoughts and they are all going down nicely onto paper at last. The master plan is being reveled, or so I believe in my opinion, and the characters are building up a lot of important questions which were never answered by the first book and most importantly I have had a chance to incorporate my assassin into the outline.

I am totally thrilled that everything is going smoothly and I hope that it won't end too soon because, as I said above I am absolutely loving every second of the "finger on keyboard" moments. If only I could type faster...XD. Anyway here is a poem that I am thinking of adding into my book in the near future so sit back, relax, and enjoy...*shouts into background* "can someone pass me the popcorn?" ...well it isn't that long, but whatever.

Stars are dim in evenings bright
While blood will spill in shadows light
The grieving hearts will tear and break
And walls will crumble for their sake.

When trumpet blows near noonday's tide
Avast the tears and calloused pride
The one shall come, be raised a'high
And peace the worlds banner fly.

Anyway, it's not much but I intend to put it to good use, so dong be surprised if you see it being thrown into one one of the excerpts from ITML: The Easter Sea Revolt. Alright g'day to yall and remember...HAPPY WRITING!!!!

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Child of God said...

Cool! It is nice to see you in the writing frenzy again. :) Love the poem and looking forward to reading your book. Hint, hint. ;P