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Saturday, October 31, 2009


Ever since two years ago I have been interested in photography, I have a few pictures that I think would do well. Some people that I know (I am not telling who)think that they could be published. The first one was taken when my dad and I were driving down to Edmonton.I my self think that it is a first class winner. I got the shade from the winsheld to cause the blue pasty colour. The only thing that I think that did not go well in it was the blurry trees. But aside from that I like it alot. I had the idea to take a photo shoot of the mountain when my dad pointed it out and said that it would be the ideal picture, and I could possible frame it and put it in the basement hall. 

This picture is the same one as the one above, except for the different angle it was taken at. My dad and I had hours and hours talking about that mountain, we thought it would be fun to try to drive up it in moms truck (Mom is verry posessive of it) so we got a good laugh out of it. But I think that the way the Solid piece of rock is totaly cool. 

I also think that this is a cool picture because how many people will risk burning out there eyes when they are trying to find the correct position to angle there cammera at. I took the picture just outside of our house on some cloudy day so it gave it a good effect with the dark and light. 

This is a picture of our dog shinzou, he is an a full breed akita that we picked up somewhere (or nowhere) out in the boonies. I thought that it would be a good picture because you dont always get a great facial expression like that from a dog. I got the picture at the nick-of-time when he was coming up the front steps of our house. When I first downloded it onto my computer I thought that it would be a reject, but I changed that arround quickly by buffing it up a bit with my new picture house. 
This is another great picture, it is alex with her boyfriend (Cearzo her horse)
unfortunately the parents would not allow the wedding to take place because they are, well to put it into easy words he is a different type of four legged vertebrae. My sister was heart broken (Just kidding) but she liked the picture anyway. 

I think that these pictures are cool, what do you think? Anyway how can I expect you to answer back when you are not even online! Haha, but any way I think that you should expect a few more pictures later on, if you want me to take a photo of something for you that is around the Vernon/Vancouver area just give me an email at But other than pictures I enjoy doing a great amount of stuff including ""School"" ;), horseback riding, taekwondo, and a tone of other farm activates. Well I think that I will write a bit more a little later. TTFN


Karen said...

Beautiful pics Shane. Thanks for posting them. You do need to check your spelling you have some mistakes. :)


Jesus Freak said...

Haha that is because I am typing so fast I dont realize that I am, woops I think that I did someting wrong again.

Ice Queen said...
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Jesus Freak said...

Ice Queen said what alex?

Jesus Freak said...

I just love the pics, I cant get over the one of the mountain.