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Friday, October 30, 2009

Stress and school

Phew, as the day goes on I guess the stress gets bigger. I am about to do an english test over something like poetry. I must admit that it is not the best thing to do when you are stressed out. So I decided to wright for a bit. As you have heard it has been snowing out her alot, we had about two inches yesterday so I decided to hit  the ground and do some skiing, but today is different, instead of there being snow, there is thick mud. It is nasty, everytime that I step there is a thick squishing sound, and your foot gets stuck in it. I cant wait till there is enough snow to board on. But with the ammount that there was yesterday it was only enough for skiing. Oh did I tell you that I found the skii boots, well I guess I just did now, but they help, and I have to tell you that they are better than rubber boots that are locked into the skiis, because when you do that you must be ready to visit the hospital, or have a few hundred cold packs ready to roll. Since I have the skii boots though I dont have to worry about it. Well it looks like I will have to talk later, I have my english test to complete now. TTFN 

Ah, I am back from the english essay. I dont think I did verry well, but I am gald it is over. Any way there were a few questions that I had to complete that were tricky, like onomatopoeia, and assonance, you know things like that. Any way it was hard. Right now I am deciding what to have for lunch, it is either turky that has been sitting in the freazer for like a month, or a egg sandwhich, I cant tell, I wonder, rotten meat, or a fresh egger. Well I guess I will decide the final result when I am off the computer. TTFN


Karen said...

Study hard and things will come easy for you. Remember you MUST study!

You also need to learn how to spell!

Love and hugs,

Ice Queen said...

Well well Shane. I've been kinda waiting to see if you'll post again sometime soon, but I guess you're "preoccupied". I'm looking forward to reading more. (dare I say that your outlay looks awesome! good job!)

<3 Alex

Jesus Freak said...

Well I have been quite busy if you didnt notice.