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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Gizmo's and Gadgets

As you probably know from the title this is going to be about new technology and the latest stuff around. Recently I got a new Ipod, it is the fifth generation and it totaly rocks. I think although it is cool and the vid cam is somewhat fun I dont need all the extras. When you go out looking for a car you look for one that will drive you from point A to point B. Not a car that will go zoomin around town with some annoying lady saying "turn left or else you are going to starve, the is a Mic-Dogfood over there turn left." Althoug it can be helpful you dont need it. Another thing is, I dont even understand what all the stuff, for example, the U-tunes is. I must admit that I am happy for it but I would rather have a horse, or something that lives. Technology somewhat baffles me, such as when I got my laptop  it was telling me all these directions on how to start up all the stuf and get it working, when they say on the front cover of the box "Easy downlode" you have to hire some person that has taken about like ten classes with a profesinal on computer technology "Exception for my sis" and has aced the claces. I love my comp and it is fun to look at new stuf but I prefer to stay on the simple side of things when it comes to that. Another thing that baffles me is how people can get used to switching over from email to email daily ex.. Gmail one day and Hotmail the next. I just dont understand it, once I get used to something it is like welding me to it, and it only breaks when it gets too old. Anyway I have been stuck on skype for three years than my mom and sis sorta made me get MSN, the differences between Skype and MSN is huge, ex... the way you can message and the things you can do. So I decide to bring this all up to a halt because one the telephone is ringing on my comp and two well I am instant messaging some one.LoL (check that out, I even know a few things) :)<><

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Ice Queen said...

:P Too cute! And we didn't force you to get MSN, you wanted it. Aand...who among us is using Gmail one day and MSN the other? Agah...Well, I hope you've had a good sleep Shaney...(and I hope you WAKE UP soon :P )

<3 Alex