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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sunday snap

Well today started off pretty weird. I did not notice that the daylight saving time went back an hour. So I woke up at eight and thought that it was nine because my clock is not the brightest. I was going meaning to wake up at seven and make pancakes for Alex but as I told you the clock messed me up.:) When I got upstairs I was told by my mom that the time was back an hour (I was greatly relieved). After getting ready for town I decided to do a breakfast fast. Yesterday I had thought about doing a fast all day but I guess that the stomach is stronger that the mind. Anyway on the way into town we didn’t talk much but we did strike the topic of taekwondo. My mom wants me to compete in the competition but I haven’t decided yet. Anyway church was good I guess that the kids had fun with the story Jale and the nail. Haha I had almost forgot that bible story. So when we finally headed home mom and Alex and I struck up a weird topic. I think that it was something about how fun it would be to have some sixteen siblings nine boys and nine girls, and how we would form a army with the horses and all the boys would march on the neighbours houses and scare them with paintball guns (the people beside us probably wouldn’t know the difference between a paintball gun and an AK-47 Haha. After we had finished the conversation and the package of food that we picked we had finally reached home. After having another short lunch we decided to go for a walk up the mountain with prince. We had a fantastic time up in the cold mountain air with all the dogs. When we got back down I finished the work that I had to do and I now am here up in the loft watching a movie with Alex, I think that it is called Heide:P I protested against watching it but I guess Alex won. Haha well I am excited to go to bible study. TTFN

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Karen said...

That was a really nice walk that we had. We need to get in a run today.

It looks like it will be a nice day today.

Love and hugs,