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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Child Labour

Just recently I had to write a post for my school on the positive effects of Child Labour. I, being a strong Christian found this hard to work with and struggled on the assignment. So, I decided (now that the assignment is done) to ask you about your thoughts on it. Personally I would enjoy if you would talk about the positive benefits of Child Labour, but if you are strictly against it then no need to worry. Here is my copy below.

Child labour is necessary!
Probably one of the first things that come to mind when you hear of child labour is the unnecessary torturing of children whose parents must send them to work because they can’t afford to pay debts or to take care of their family. This is true, but only to an extent. Child labour also has some positive effects on children as I have shown below.
Child labour has proven again and again to be a cheap way to boost an economy that is falling into bankruptcy. It increases their intellectual capital (all resources that determine the value and the competitiveness of an enterprise) and makes higher quality goods with only paying a subtle wages to children who are working.
This type of labour has also proven to be necessary because adults can’t do the same jobs that children are able to. For example chimney sweeping, hauling coal, and working with the power loom are tedious jobs for adults, but for children it is easy to work in those specific conditions. Children have also been found to be extraordinarily good at working with repetitive tasks that require specific skills. An example of this can be shown in the assembly line wherein children can do the same job all day and not ‘mess up’ like adults sometimes do.
Child labour has also affected children’s lives in positive ways, it allows children to become accustomed to working conditions and it teaches them how to provide for their future families so they won’t have to make their children work to bring in an income.
As you can see from my post, child labour is not always bad and it is certainly not an unnecessary torture, but rather it will shape children to become positive and committed adults.

~Son of the King~

1 comment:

Jake said...

I think I agree. Child labor, when forced, is definitely not good. But famous people of the past, like George Washington, took on responsibilities and work at an early age, and grew up to be great people.