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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Spine tinglers

I don't know about you but I find it fun to break writers block by writing a spine tingler. Here is one I just did recently. 

Michal relaxed in his chair and waited for the time when sleep would take over his weary body. As he though back on the meeting he had just attended a smile came to his face. The president would be happy to know that he had signed a weapons manufacture bill the nation of Russia and that he had gained the trust of the people that they had once forsaken.
As Michal stared out of the window of the passenger jet many questions flooded his mind. Who was that man who came up to him and started asking him weird questions at the meeting, why did he want to know about the plane he was taking back to his homeland.
Michal quickly drowned out the thoughts by shoving his headset over his ears and plugging them into the armrest of which he was resting on. Although he was not an athletic man Michal was often mistaken for a runner, or someone who did sports. As the memories flooded into his mind he started to chuckle at the thought of the good times in life. He remembered that time when a child though he was some famous base ball player. Without realising it he suddenly slipped into a deep sleep.
Upon his awaking Michal realised that his assistant Mr. Bitson was ordering a small snack from the flight attendant who was passing down the aisle.
“Would you like water or pop”, she asked to Mr. Bitson. Quickly the stout man answered
“Uh, what do you have to eat?” “If it is those old cheese burritos I will pass, but if you have a sandwich than I think that would be good.” The flight attendant answered
“The sandwich is two dollars, now do you want a drink or not?” Mr. Bitson was about to pull out his wallet when a sudden motion caught his eye.
A passenger near the front of the plane started moving down the aisle toward him, although he knew he should not take a precaution with the ordinary passenger he still had his doubts. As the person drew near Michal realised that this was no ordinary person, but somehow it was the same man that had questioned him at the meeting.
The flight attendant started getting impatient with Mr. Bitson who was still in the motion of taking his wallet out, and she soon left him so she could serve the other complaining passengers who were also waiting to take their orders. Michal elbowed Mr. Bitson who turned as the minor assault came towards him and caught him straight in the solar plexus. Although winded Mr. Bitson whispered something into Michal’s ear.
Quickly the two men acted as if they did not notice the strange passenger that when by the name of Jordan. As soon as he had passed they realised that there was no need to worry when the man made his way to the washroom. Mr. Bitson suddenly said “You know, that guy is somehow related to something weird around here.” Michal quickly brushed off what had been said and also made his way to the washroom in the back of the plane.
As he waited patiently for the man he knew as Jordan to make his way out he heard several strange noises that sounded something like Click, Whir, Click, Whir and so on and so forth. Although he wondered what could make a sound like that he was quickly relieved when the passenger came out.
After Michal had settled back in his seat he quickly asked his assistant a question. “You said earlier that you though that Jordan guy was weird, right?”
Mr. Bitson replied, “Yes, if you did not notice when I was about to pull my wallet out I saw a weird L shaped figure drop out of his coat pocket.”
Michal said “I don’t think it was a weapon, those new sensors that they installed into the airport would have picked up anything metallic that he had.”
Mr. Bitson was about to reply when a sudden shudder ripped through the plane. Michal saw Jordan standing in the cockpit with the gun against co-pilots head. Michal realized that when the shudder had happened the gunman had shot the pilot in the back of the head. Fear and Anxiety rushed through his blood. Now he knew who this Jordan was, if only he had paid attention to the recent terrorists on the short PowerPoint presentation he would have realized that this Jordan was one of the most wanted terrorists in the entire empire of Russia!
Quickly the man started choking the co-pilot and after a few seconds the man had lost conscience. Because this was one of the newer planes that was just made the autopilot took control of the situation that seemed to be an emergency. When the falling subsided the terrorist jogged into the middle of the airplane than turned back to the pilot’s board for calculations and released a full clip before the shooting quieted down again.
Woman and children started screaming as the plane started banking to the left and then started falling from the sky. Jordan lost his balance but warned everyone to stay in their seats with a quick shot through the ceiling. As soon as the terrorist knew that there was no way possible to escape he raised the gun and opened his mouth.
Mothers protected their children from seeing the body drop to the floor. As quickly as he could Michal slid through the cabin toward the co-pilot who was just regaining consciousness. Michal quickly tried to awaken the co-pilot and allow him to rouse faster, but all of his attempts were crushed when he realized they were about to crash into the ocean.
A few seconds after Michal arrived in the ruined cabin his assistant had also followed suit. Without thinking Mr. Bitson Shouted out “Everyone, reach under your seat and grab a parachute, those of you in the emergency exits grab the rafts and open the emergency doors as fast as you can”. Although the people had done as instructed in a few seconds it had felt like hours for Michal who was in temporary shock.
As soon as everyone had jumped out of the rapidly falling plane they tried to open their parachutes but were caught off guard when they did not open, it came to the mind of everyone of the passengers that the terrorist had sabotaged every last resource including the inflatable rafts. As the ocean raced faster and faster toward Michal he knew that he would never be able to tell the president about the good news because he was about to die, maybe not from drowning but certainly from the sharks that inhabited the area. The ocean raced faster and faster in front of him until he felt the first wave of ocean come over him, death was upon him. Suddenly a ferociously blinding light appeared in front of him and then, there was a sight he had longed to see for a long time. The rapture had come!


Jake said...

Nice! Good job.

Son of the King said...

Thanks Jake!

Archer said...

It certantly is a spine tingler. I loved it!!