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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Writers Block

Hey everyone, just lately I have been having HUGE problems with writer's block until I found these following sites.

How to overcome writers block 1.

How to overcome writers block 2.

How to overcome writers block 3.

If you have any other ideas or if you just want to share your thoughts I would appreciate it. Thanks!

~Son of the King~


Anonymous said...

I have a great cure for writer's block. First get up and stretch, then run around and stretch again. Pick up the Bible and read something and go into prayer. God can break the writer's block in no time at all if you will trust Him. Write down the first things that come to your mind and start making a word collage. When you have done all this your writer's block should be broken.
I hope this helps!!

Son of the King said...

Thanks Anonymous, I happen to sometimes enjoy that one from past experiences. :D

~Son of the King~

Squeaks said...

The best thing to do, in my opinion, (whether you're writing essays or for fun) is as follows:

Open a blank word document and write down whatever comes to your mind...anything. Don't be embarrassed if you say something like "Oogy boogy boo I sat in a shoo and my life is silly now because I ate a fly and I can't think straight ladidadada and look at my grammar it totally is terrible and I can't think of whatelse to put in this run-on sentence so I'm just going to put whatever comes to mind. Yeah, and my cat is like totally eating my desk so I think I'm going to go for a ride in the stomach of my cat soon."

That's a little example. Pretty much, just write for 5-15 minutes anything that comes to mind. It's probably better if it's absolutely hilariously pointless stuff. The reason I say this is because you usually have a lot of junk rambling around in your subconscious. If you empty your recycle bin every now and then you'll find you can function better.

Whenever I have a writer's block I tend to just write goobledegoo for several moments; by the time I'm exhausting my reserves I've come up with something that my rational mind is telling me "This is way better to entertain than all that silliness! Pick me! Pick me!" And then *POOF* you'll have something to write about. (Note: It usually helps to pray just before you start to write your silliness :P )