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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Are you feeling tied up?

I think that all of us writers have come to a point in time where we feel all tied up with writing. This may sometimes result with the writer becoming discouraged and in the future it may cause that specific person to stop their book. BUT you must know one thing. If you stop your book prematurely it will result in you stopping future books before they even are looked at by another persons eyes. SO WHAT SHOULD WE DO you ask. Here are my suggestions. 
Never try to fix your book up while you are still writing it! If you go back and look at your book that you started several years ago you are bound to be disgusted with your writing. If you just finish the book without trying to edit it then I can guarantee that it will be up in the market in no time.
Another tip that can keep you from being discouraged is to put up excerpts of it onto your blog (like I have done). When people come around to look at the excerpt they are going to read it and hopefully enjoy the breathtaking battle scene or the romantic wedding scene and are going to tell you how well you did. I know as a writer that this is one of the most encouraging things that can happen to you. 
A final way to be encouraged to finish a book is to send what you have written to your best friend or to a family member or discuss it with a sibling. By doing this they can encourage you as you talk about it and they can help you decide what should happen (If you have a hard time figuring stuff out like that). So there you go, just follow these three easy steps when you are writing your book and you will most likely not be discouraged with your writing. 
This is an expanded form of Jake's information on Teenage Writer
~Son of the King~


Child of God said...

Good tips! I am so excited to read the rest of your imagination! OOPs,ah book I mean. :)

Smiles and hugs,

Squeaks said...

*reads last paragraph with brow crunched in excitement*

Hmm...Thanks for the tips ;)

I take it you follow your see, what I'm suggesting is *looks at last paragraph again* Well...what I'm trying to say is *clears throat* Will I be reading new material soon? XD

Signed with a GEE-taur pick ;)

(btw, that Skillet intro is coming along nicely; good thing we don't own a set of drums though lol)

Jake said...

Great tips. :)

Son of the King said...

@ Squeaks:
Any time,

@Child of God:

Son of the King said...

@ Jake,

I didn't notice that you wrote the same thing a few days earlier on your blog. I put a citation at the bottom for you!

~Son of the King~