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Into the Mystic Lands (stands at): 46,321 words, 184.16 pages!!!

Into the Mystic Lands: The Eastern Sea Revolt (stands at) --6,851 words, 27.4 pages!!!

The Adventures of Walrus Island: Editing, 70,211 words, 146 pages.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Half Way Point!

Well, I have finally made it to the halfway point! I can not believe my own eyes, I look to the bottom of my word document and see the beautiful numbers staring back at me 26,183. It is such an uplifting thing to have something like this happen and I must admit that I have never felt better about writing. If you want to keep up with the progress in my book you can go to and you will see my work that I have completed. No, you will not see my book, only the synopsis and the word count along with stats of daily writing. Now, I must be off to party some more because I just cant believe I am here!

Want the picture? 

~Son of the King~


The Director said...

I buddied you on NaNo :)

Congrats! Dude you write so fast I am amazed :D

Squeaks said...

Good job, SOTK! Just remember ;) Don't party too much or you'll get left behind like the Hare in the race against the Tortoise. ;)


Child of God said...

Good job! I wonder if you can use this for some English credits? Need to find out.


Son of the King said...

@ The Director,

I will add you too! And I actually don't write fast, just a lot.

@ Squeaks,

Thanks, and don't worry, the party is over because now I have to work on English....oh boy.

@ Child of God,

Thanks! And yes, I am going to ask my teacher. Who knows if I get four credits I might be able to write longer in my book and do less school! :)

~Son of the King~
(Celebrating 26,183 words)

Jake said...

Yehaow! XD

My mother counts my short stories and stuffs as credits. LOL. And my language arts is NaNoWriMo right now. XD