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Friday, November 26, 2010

Poetry In All its Random Wonder

Random, you ask? Yes, random poetry is what I am writing in this post so take a seat, which you hopefully are already, and prepare for some off the top of the brain poetry. (FYI I am not pulling a Lewis Carol :)

Ere Dragons rest on streets of gold,
In all their splendor with wings held nigh;
With golden sun to show their beauty
And winds a strong to for them to fly.

I know not why I stare at them,
With longing, dreadful, tear filled eyes;
But know I now they have the answers
Deep within their hearts of stone.

Will not one come with chosen keys,
To spread the lock and open wide;
Past a present and all near future
All from in their knowing eyes.

Has one the key and knows not now,
That though it hangs but by a thread;
In hopes are placed for ere the saving
Or lost in fate for ere the dead.

So there you go, a bit of on the spot poetry. I hope you enjoyed!

~Son of the King~


Child of God said...

Good poem SOTK, maybe you can use this for some marks on the poetry end of English.


The Director said...

woW, I really like that poem.... :)

Icewolf said...

*scream* I LOVE DRAGONS! Totally and completely in love with them for five years now!!! Such wonderful creatures...:D

Son of the King said...

@ Child of God,

Mm, sounds good.

@ The Director,


@ Icewolf,

Once again, thanks. I seriously don't know why I had the thought of dragons rumbeling around in my mind, but I suppose it did come out good. And by the way I love dragons too!

I am glad to hear that you enjoyed it *speaks to all*

~Son of the King~
(Thinking of writing more...hopefully)