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Monday, November 29, 2010

When Randomness out...

If I commented on your blog lately you will notice that I have been putting down random blurbs under my blogger name stating that I am either doing a handstand, smacking my head on the ground or doing something else in hopes to get ideas for my book. So, instead of banging myself up I decided to let randomness taking me into the boxing ring and hopefully whack me around until I have some ideas. 

Ok, now I am just going to write out some random stuff including a bit of a poem (about dragons) an interview of one of my characters and what ever else that is honoring to God that comes in between A-Z on my writers list. I will begin with a poem and hopefully it will help bring some ideas to mind for my book....

Deep within the star light night,
Their eyes a glow with ere a fire;
Three Dragons chant for one to come
And fill the void of stones now eight. 

The one will come, but not in peace,
For with a word from masters dark;
Will tell of plans made from deceit
And rule with vengeance for the time. 

War will wage and blood will spill
And fate will seal all masters now. 
The wind will fail, the skies will fall
And rain will cease, the ground will fault. 

All in Eramthena and Earth
Will feel the hate begin to grow, 
As one strong power comes to rest 
Above the others now below. 

The Masters of the elements four
Have been undone and been remade. 
To plan the final victor war
And bring to earth the One whom made. 

Ok, there is the poem, it is a bit scattered but I still think it is ok. Next is a small interview with my main character Korr, who currently is with his new found brother Tremoth.  

SOTK: I would like you all to warmly welcome my favorite character from my book "Into the Mystic Lands" Korr Wailbern from the eastern realms of Eramthena. *Clap, clap, clap,clap,clap* *Korr enters stage and apparently is ticked off about something*

Korr: Ah, there you are my fine friend. *Walks up behind the proud SOTK and whispers something into his ear*

SOTK: *Whispers back the shouts aloud* Korr just asked me if it would be possible to do a bit of an excerpt of which he is seen in, he wants to point out a few things for the audience. 

Korr: Which one should we look into? 

SOTK: How about the scene that takes place within Deravyr. You know when Yelworaeed told you to...
Korr: Um, how about we don't talk about that one, it is...a bit embarrassing...for me. *Korr states with a visible blush as he turns toward audience*

SOTK: Ok, then how about your small discussion with Yelworaeed in the old hut...

Korr: *Bits lip in obvious disagreement* Not that one either. 

SOTK: *Now frustrated blurts out...* The what about when you first met Tremoth *Lightens up a bit*. 

Korr: WHAT? Are you kidding, that would embarrass the daylights out of me!

SOTK: My point *chuckles and turns to audience* Ok, we will take a small section out of...

Korr: Please, not that one. Take the one in Deravyr, that one is better than THIS one. 

SOTK: Ok, then we will begin....

“Just a few more steps to the door” Korr prodded himself “You can do this, you were trained to for this type of work! Now all I have to d...” an extremely loud creak sounded from beneath his foot. “Darn be this...” another loud crack. “Calm yourself Korr, calm yourself!” Now he was within but a step from the door but something told him that he shouldn’t continue forward. Quickly he backed up with unceasing creaks groans and cracks following his ill timed steps. Suddenly there was a voice in his head:
“And what do you think you are afraid of?” It was Korr’s guardian dragon.....

(There is a bit of writing in between these two paragraphs, but I can't give it all to you. I have to build the excitement) 

“Listen, only you can see me so why don't you ask me to complete your simple task for you?” the dragon voiced her question.
“Well could you, I suppose I am a bit overweight for those boards.” Korr admitted sheepishly.
“Of course, that is what I am here for.” With that she began to stretch her wings which were about the size of Korr’s forearm from tip to tip.
“Oh, and would you be kind enough to look for a small ointment for blisters and cuts, I am quite soar from the trek I made.”
“Ok, but you missed one potion that you should have.”
“I did?” Korr questioned.
“Yeah, the diet elixir!” With that she was off and left a dumbfounded knight behind in her breezy wake. 

Korr: Well, it is better now that it is out. 

SOTK: Yes, it is. Now, do you want to talk about it a bit?

Korr: Sure, that is why I am here, isn't it? 

SOTK: Ok. First of all what did you think about your guardian, Yelw?

Korr: Well, I am not sure, she is a bit annoying *stops as though being scolded by another person the mutters apologies* She is not annoying, just a bit pesky! *grabs invisible object on shoulder and shoves into long coat*

SOTK: OK...Lets get on. Now, what do you think about the name of the town and the events that unroll there? *Glances to the struggling Korr*

Korr: Um...right *holds coat together tightly as though to not allow something to escape* 

SOTK: Korr, are you listening to me?

Korr: Yeah, I am just...*puts hands over ears* STOP, Yelw, you cant do that. Stop shouting!

SOTK: Korr, please try to focus on the interview *looks to crowds and whisper shouts* Looks like his guardian is getting mad. 

Korr: Um, can I be dismissed for a second *grabs invisible object* A minuet *falls out of chair and grunts in obvious pressure* How about we...*begins to be dragged off stage* Help...Help *screams with a very girlish voice*

SOTK: *Stands up and looks and Korr being dragged off stage* Well there goes my main character. *Turns back to crowd and sighs* Well, he won't be in the next few scenes in my book, he will be in the Hospital. *Walks off stage after the almost inaudibly shouting Korr*

Ok, there you have it. That was all I could think of and I hope you enjoyed. Yes, I said I would give you something else, but unfortunately it is getting too late to write anymore and my eyes are beginning to dry up. So, with a tired hand I finish this long blog post saying that I have finally come up with a few new ideas for my book and will hopefully be writing them down after school. 

~Son of the King~


Squeaks said...

LOL! That was hilarious SOTK! I especially like the diet elixir excerpt, even though I've read it like...a hundred times :P

<3 Squeaks.

The Director said...

Oh my gosh, you totally made me laugh really really loud just now! Thanks!

All you people are making me want to do a character interview.... maybe right after this next scene... haha, that would be funny...

*realizes I am talking to myself. shuts up.*

I totally want to read your story now! Guardian dragons?!?! Dude, that so rocks my socks off!!!


Child of God said...

Very good!


Son of the King said...

@ Squeaks,

Thanks sis!

@ The Director,

I am glad to hear that you like it! BTW the Guardian Dragons are special characters given to all of the element masters. I cant tell much more because for one, I have to get back to my school and two I don't want to spoil my book. :P

@ Child of God,


Jake said...

Excellent job SOTK! *eats pie in celebration* *talks with mouth full* Quite entertaining, my friend! I am looking forward to reading more. :)

Millard of Swiftstorm said...

Hehe, I'm quite curious about this guardian we get more information later? Or do I need to check previous posts?



Son of the King said...

@ Jake,

Thanks! And I will be celebrating with you!.

@ Millard of Swiftstorm,

The guardian dragons are just a feature given to the four element masters (Wizards). They guide the Wizards and offer them help when they are in need (as seen in the excerpt)thus making them 'guardians'.

~Son on the King~
(Preparing to write again, hopefully 3k by today)

Millard of Swiftstorm said...

Ahh, Ok :)

Son of the King said...

@ Millard of Swiftstorm,

Yeah, it seams to be a bit confusing, but when you are able to read more on it (when it hopefully gets published) you will understand. Thanks for commenting!