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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Character names!

Hey every one, I (as you already know) am working on a book and am having a hard time with it. I find the writing part easy, but creating names for characters and places is starting to get hard.
Even though I have used a few name generators I find none of them helpful, so if you could give me a few suggestions on the following ideas that in one way or another fit into my book, I would appreciate it!

1. Male villain name
2. Female villain name
3. Good Dragon name`s 
4. Evil Dragon name`s
5. Wizard name`s
6. World name
7. Castle name
8.Forrest name

Thanks for all of your help (and time) :p!

~SOTK~                                                       XX10


Aidan Romero said...

2. sorry, can't help
8. Glenwood

Son of the King said...

I love the Forrest name! Actually I am going into my book right now and changing the name.
And by the way, how would you pronounce Graththung?

Squeaks said...

1. Snarge (pronounced sn-Arrr-ge)
2. Lorenzallo
3. Gork (XD probably for a good but dumb dragon)
4. Spirezzo (spire-rezzo)
5. Camultha
6. N/A
7. Hildebrent
8. Fathenwood (btw, it's forest, not forrest XD )


Son of the King said...

Thanks for the help squeaks! And sorry about the spelling mistake. *sheepish grin* lol :)

Jake said...

Oooh, I'm good at names... I find them fun to make up.

1. Kasagor
2. Argis
3. Saclarth
5. Ardinton
6. Kiadjia
7. Ashei
8. Hlas (a little hard to pronounce, lol)

Hope this helps!

Joraiem said...

I love names.... So, I will give you a few suggestions... but a story's names reflect the author! So, these are suggestions!

Perhaps the evil person's name can start with an 'r', or an 'a'. Good evil names have to sound evil. They have to spark fear in the reader's heart when they read the name... maybe add a 'v' somewhere in the word.

Dragon names should be strong, whether the beast is good or evil.

Forest names can be just about anything. The name can sound mysterious...spooky, or light and fluffy; enchanted.

A world name - this has freedom. Narnia, Middle-Earth, what makes these so good? A world name can be anything.

Here is a tip for names: Start with a random word, and change letters. I have never done this, but I know it helps some.

Another tip: Just start saying wierd things, and a name will appear eventually!

Now, here are my examples...

3.Ewlavirn (Sorry... this one is bad)
5. Deltran
6. Sorry... I can't help here
7. Something strong... Streldamor
8. Waldamvat( a bit wierd...)

Just trying to help, and I hope it did...

Aidan Romero said...

Grath-Tung or something like that

Son of the King said...

Thanks so much everyone. I love all of the ideas and will find a place to include them into my book. Thanks again!

Squeaks said...

Haha wow these are really good examples! :P

@ Joraiem, isn't Deltran very similar to Daaltran (sp?) from BOTB??? :P

@ SOTK, I definitely agree with Joraiem's statement that the names you pick reflect the author. After a while even the words you use as an author get to be your characteristics. For example, like I was saying to Joraiem, sometimes we even get words mixed up and we think we're making our own unique word up when our imagination is actually being influenced by another author. Haha, I do it sometimes too :P In fact, once I had to change the name of my main character around completely because I found out I was using something directly from another book and it sounded way to similar (that's the blessing of having critique partners :P )


Joraiem said...

@Squeaks: Daaltran... isn't that the sword? Sorry I totally forgot. few of those names I cam up with sound like each other. I kinda forgot about BOTB!!

Son of the King said...


Actually it was Joraiem`s bow.

Jeff Chapman said...

1) Ganouk
2) Elsweena
3) Rorswing
4) Damarang
5) Luntork
6) I think you need to make up this one.
7) Llewensford
8) Swetree (derived from Sweet-Tree)

Hope those help. I like the sound of them.

Taylor Beisler said...

Wow, these are great. haha...I feel like anything I add will be far less than good examples. :) There's so many places to construct names. The definite thing you want to do, though, is make the names mean something to the reader - give each a connotation that brings life to the character. Psalm 119 has a lot of Hebrew letters to start names from, or different languages and maybe even scrambling letters around in your head. For example, in my book I named a dragon, "Syocer", which I was trying to spell rejoice backwards . . . and, well, let's just say I'm probably dyslexic. haha.

Hope that helped! You'll find the names you need, I'm sure. :)

God bless,
Taylor J. Beisler

Son of the King said...

@ Jeff,

Those are great names, my vocabulary is starting to expand. lol.

@ Taylor,

I know what you mean, although the bible does provide a ton of names I find them hard to use when I know them so well (except the genealogies):P

Thanks again everyone for all the help!

Eldra said...

Joraiem and Son of the King - Daaltran is the name of Aljeron's sword; Joraiem's bow is named Suruna.

~God Bless~

Andrew Y. said...

WHOA. I thought your blog sounded familiar!

I am Joraiem! (Not the character from the Bound-Blade series, but the one that commented in this thread!


Check out my new blog "Red Town."

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