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Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Ring

Just recently I was on Hidden Doorways and found out that Squeaks is holding a contest for advertisement. So, to get an extra entry for the prize I am going to follow the third rule.


The prize for the winner is as follows:

- Your latest stories will be advertised at the top of my news section (note that I might not be super fast on updates because this month is busy; this will only occur for 1 month).

- You'll get an entire page dedicated and written up about you (if you want to write it that's cool too). It will portray your blog, a bit about you, and if you want a blip from one of your stories. This will stay up for max 1 month.

- You'll be given the chance to write a maximum of two posts on my blog. I'll have authority over whether they get published or not, so keep things clean and God-centered :) The time-line for writing is 1 month from the draw date.


Here is how you get to be entered into the draw...

  1. 1 entry for joining my blog and commenting [edit: if you're one of the 20, this doesn't count for you]
  2. 1 entry for being one of the 20 followers
  3. 1 entry for announcing this draw on your blog (please write a comment to this post letting me know if you've done this)
  4. 1 entry for having participated (before this date) on any of the writing games


The Ring draw will occur on May 12!

Thanks Squeaks for holding the contest!
~Son of the King~


Squeaks said...

Thanks Son of the King! The link for my blog (for all of you who are wondering) is


Son of the King said...

@ Squeaks,

Sorry for leaving out your blog address, I am getting forgetful. :P

Squeaks said...

Lol, no problem :) By the way, I've given you a tag/award! Check out my blog to find out what it is :)


Son of the King said...

Cool, Thanks Squeaks!