NEW UPDATE 3:53 PM June-1-13

Into the Mystic Lands (stands at): 46,321 words, 184.16 pages!!!

Into the Mystic Lands: The Eastern Sea Revolt (stands at) --6,851 words, 27.4 pages!!!

The Adventures of Walrus Island: Editing, 70,211 words, 146 pages.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

30K and Advancing!

Again I do not fail to surprise myself with the work that I can complete in such a short ammount of time! Today I wrote for about four hours and have me just check...30,144 words. I cant believe it, there are only 19,856 words left to write and then...oh right, then comes the revision...Well, I wont ponder on that thought any more because I need my thoughts. Right now I feel like a cup of water that is being gulped down. Soon I will be empty of words to write, but nonetheless I will continue no matter how hard it may be...I hope.

~Son of the King~


Squeaks said...

Good job :) I love the snippets you shown me...I feel like part of the elite SOTK group XD


The Director said...

Wow! Awesome progress, dude! Can I have your speedy writing gift puh-leez? :P

Snippets? Where? Do we get to read them too?

I totally get your cup of water metaphor... simile? I can never remember, oh well :P

Haha, don't think about revision yet, you!


Jake said...

Whoo!! XD Nice, SOTK! Ye passed me again. ;) But that will change tonight. I have a couple of word wars scheduled, hopefully.